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    Thread: How long til i am safe from dry socket? and a few other extraction questions

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      Important How long til i am safe from dry socket? and a few other extraction questions

      Ok.. So i had my bottom left second molar extracted on Tues around 12pm. It's now Friday and has been over 72 hours.

      WHEN am i past the danger zone for dreaded dry socket? It is really freaking me out.. I've tried to do the right thing.. Eat on the opposite side, no straws, no blowing my nose, sneezing, etc..

      I have been smoking - but keeping a damp make up pad folded up (no gauze.. oops.) over the area when i am smoking and i've been doing it as gently as possible. i've also cut back to around 4 or 5 a day max.

      The clot is currently still in place. But it looks like it getting bigger and like it wants to fall out. Is this normal? I am freaking out and have hardly eaten today. ( i noticed this last night.)

      PLEASE HELP!!! i have a huge phobia or the dentist and would like to avoid goin back at all costs..

      Also thought i should add - can't smell anything like a foul odour.. Sometimes get an odd taste.. But not foul. more like medicine or something? Hard to describe. Havent had any noticeable increase in pain. Just feels like my muscles are bruised or sore or something.
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      Default Re: How long til i am safe from dry socket? and a few other extraction questions


      You should be fine. Dry socket risks drops off at around 72 hours. After 4 days the risk is virtually gone. The clot coming out is a normal part of the healing process. Here is how it works.

      After an extraction the socket fills with blood which clots and helps to form a matrix for healing. After this happens, a sort of race begins.

      Cells called osteoclasts and osteoblasts begin to infiltrate the clot and begin the process of remodeling the socket and building bone from the bottom up in the space formerly occupied by the tooth. At the same time, epithelial cells from the inside of the mouth begin to infiltrate the clot from the top down and begin to fill the socket with soft tissue.

      This is part of the normal healing process. It takes time, for complete healing.
      During the first few days do not drink with a straw or gargle excessively or aggressively. I imagine the dentist gave you instructions to follow.

      Relax and you should be fine.

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