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    Thread: getting cavities out after wisdom teeth removal

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      Question getting cavities out after wisdom teeth removal

      Hello I am 21 and just had both of my bottom wisdom teeth removed June 16th and haven't really had much of a probably this past week until I had to get white fillings put in on July 7th. I was concerned it was too soon to do fillings so close to where my extraction site was but the dentist said it would be alright. I had four fillings they had to do, one of my front teeth, both my bottom molars and a top molar. Its been three days and I have had an almost throbbing pain coming from my bottom molar on my right side. I can't tell if its from my tooth or the hole.. but i've been keeping up with cleaning my teeth and irrigating the holes after every meal and also before I go to sleep. Does that sound like an infection?? would it probably be because of the filling or could it be the extraction hole??
      I'm hoping its just normal but I'm not sure...I just hope its not an infection >.< and also it seems like part of my filling is pretty sharp in the same area I'm having pain at, and I can't managed to floss back there between my back teeth at all.
      I'm not sure if my anxiety is getting the best of me and its just normal pain, or if there really is something wrong.
      Thank you for any advice anyone can provide!

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      Default Re: getting cavities out after wisdom teeth removal

      Filling can be sensitive for a quite a few days after, if it doesn't settle down it may be too high and need a little adjustment or cured a bit more.

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