20 months ago,i fell an hit my mouth very hard banging my front teeth badly,i have had 3 root canal treatments on my front teeth, and also an operation to remove an infection under my front gums which was very painfull, i still have an aching in my front teeth now,an my front 2teeth are now very discoloured..
i have umteen visits to hospital and my dentist with no joy but still aching feeling,
they have now decided to either take out the teeth and have a pallett,, a bridge,, or screw ins .
as i am at a wedding very soon i have had to opt for veneers on my front teeth for now,and a gum sheild to sleep in ? i do not or does the dentists which i have 2,,know wots causing the pain after 20months,,i am fed up why wait this long and i have to pay for veneers an removal and false after the wedding,,
has anyone any idea what all this pain is or can help please
just to ease my mind.. its taken far too long .....