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    Thread: i can't believe it -- my denture story

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      Default i can't believe it -- my denture story

      wow, after years of declining dental health, bad expereinces, panic attacks and shame over my teeth, i am sitting here w/ a beautiful smile, at least on top, where my teeth were the worst.

      i got my upper denture on wednesday. for several days before, i had moments of sheer panic/terror. i would literally be talking w/ my husband about anything, what's for dinner, what came in the mail that day, and just burst into tears out of no where. i managed to keep myself calm most of the time. on the day of surgery, i was breathless, teary, just so scared...

      the oral surgeon put my IV in, which was not nearly as bad as i thought, then literally, the next thing i knew, they were telling me "you did a great job, it's over!" i guess it's liquid valium, but whatever it was, it worked like a charm for me.

      i was really woozy for the rest of that day. i didn't have the guts to look in the mirror until i got home, but when i did, i could not have been more PLEASANTLY surprised! my upper denture looks so beautiful. the way my teeth did 20 years ago. my prosthodontist did an outstanding job -- this is just the immediate denture. the final one should look even better.

      i have not had much pain, but the vicoden has surely helped with that. i'm so thrilled w/the way my smile looks, i can even deal with the fact that so far, it's not been too easy to eat. it's been 6 days and i'm up to chewing some mashed banana in my oatmeal, but that's about it. i am confident that it will get better and ii will get used to it.

      yes, the denture feels weird in my mouth, but again, i know i will adjust to it with time.

      one thing i don't think i'll ever get accustomed to is the way i look w/o the denture in. NO ONE but my dentist, his nurse and me will ever see me w/o my teeth, as long as i have any say in the matter. it's just weird. i will definetly be one of those people who sleep w/ their denture in.

      anyway, i feel like this huge, ugly weight has been lifted from me. i wish you guys could see my before and after pictures i took. my son and i were looking at the pics of my teeth taken the day before i went in. i cried -- i can't beleive i've been living like that for years. no wonder ive been depressed.

      oh, and for the first time in many, many years, i can eat ice cream w/o searing pain shooting into my brain! all those poor, rotten, pathetic teeth are gone. i can't beleive i did it. i am actually proud of myself, for the first time in a very, very long time.

      you guys are a godsend.

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      Default Re: i can't believe it -- my denture story

      Way go go Nan!!! Orthospam [smiley=notworthy.gif] Orthospam[smiley=notworthy.gif] Orthospam[smiley=notworthy.gif] You did it!!!

      When you wrote about the panic you felt the days before I could completely relate. OrthospamIt's such a helpless feeling and I'm thrilled to hear that you worked through it and had the courage to go through with your appointment. OrthospamI bet your new smile is gorgeous and I can only imagine how much smiling you are going to be doing! Orthospam

      I'm sure the eating part is not too exciting now, seeing as though you are limited to softer foods but that will all change. OrthospamOnce you get used to them and your mouth heals you'll be eating just about everything. Orthospam(Except maybe chewy caramels, I swore off those myself once I got a million new fillings! Orthospam)

      Congratulations on your new smile and thank you for sharing your story. OrthospamI'm sure that you will be an inspiration to others that are in a similar situation. Orthospam
      Take care,


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      Default Re: i can't believe it -- my denture story

      I noticed that you work at home and realised how much my teeth situation has taken over my life....I also work from home, mostly by choice. I rarely go out--never socially. I don't eat properly because I can't chew. I have cut out most of my friends and acquaintances due to my teeth. I'm just so worried about getting dentures, which I will most likely have to do when I finally go to the dentist. What made you finally go and approx. how old are you? I'm 51 (feeling young except for the teeth and gray hair!). I want to go visit my daughter who is performing in a huge concert in two weeks and am already thinking of reasons why I can't go out to dinner afterwards!
      I hope you are feeling well and appreciate you sharing your story here...I've got to get the nerve up to do what you have done.

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      Default Re: i can't believe it -- my denture story

      hi there.
      i'm 40 and really, should have had this done probably a decade ago. i am fortunate to work from home -- it has made getting through this much easier. but, it also very much isolated me. i did not socialize either, but have to tell you that now, i'm really looking forward to going out in public again.
      the relief of knowing that people aren't staring at my awful teeth is the best feeling in the world! just to know that i look normal again -- it has made it all worth it to me. i was incredibly worried, and am still not totally used to my denture, but i am making progress.
      just like so many people told me, i truly am sorry that i didn't do it sooner. i feel like it has given me a new lease on life.

      beleive me, if i can do this, you can too!!! keep coming here to talk to people who understand. best of luck to you! ))

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      Smile Re: i can't believe it -- my denture story

      Nice to read your story! I am having all my upper teeth pulled this Wednesday after years of painful and expensive dental work. Each dentist saying " you don't want dentures." I am so excited at the prospect of living free from problems with even the crowned teeth.! Hopefully, the immediate denture will look and feel okay for the 6 months--I fear presenting myself at work--talking, eating, etc.


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