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    Thread: I did it, so can you!

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      Default I did it, so can you!

      After 8 years of not seeing the dentist, a few weeks ago I finally did it! I brush my teeth, but unfortunately ended up with a LOT of cavities in those 8 years. With two separate appointments to get them all filled, I was terrified. Crying every day, popping xanax just to sleep at night. But I went. My mother drove me in because I was shaking so badly. I popped myself down in the chair and was immediately offered sweet air, which I think was a life saver in the end. It got me nice and relaxed, and I was able to lie back in the chair. My doctor and nurse were absolutely amazing, soothing me the entire time. I didn't even notice when the Novocain went in, and didn't feel a thing at all, just a few moments of pressure. I just got done with my second appointment today, and my teeth are clean and cavity free! I have some soreness when I eat, and I was numb for a good while after, but everythings going great.

      Just remember you CAN do it!

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      Hi to the forum. Thank you for taking the time to write about your success. Good for you that you managed to get the work you needed done. Your dentist sounds lovely.

      All the best to you

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      Default Re: I did it, so can you!

      Thank you for sharing your story.

      Learn much from it.

      Best Wishes and Merry Christmas!!!!!!

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      Thank you so much for posting your story. Finding this forum, and reading through the success stories of people like you gave me the courage to make and attendy first appointment in ten years. Like you, I'm so glad I did. Thanks for sharing a story that will offer encouragement and inspiration to so many others!

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