After many years of not going to the dentist an abscess two weeks ago made me finally go. Got back an hour ago from the first of a few sessions and had two extractions today.
I was nervous but wanted to go it alone as pther people would wind me up!
I can honestly say that I really really wish I had got over it before as now risk losing more teeth then I wanted.
It truly wasn't as bad as I thought, the needle surprised me but I'm not fussed by injections. Had a filling out in and then he just got on with the extractions, bit of a funny pressure feeling and it was all over.
Now sat here waiting for the pain once anaesthetic has fully worn off but I did it and will no longer feel pain from that tooth!

Only question I do have is that I a man hungry... I wouldn't try anything for a good while but currently it is 1pm here, will I be ok to try really soft food or soup tonight??