Yesterday was my 3rd dental appointment for major work that needed to be done under oral sedation. The first appt. was okay but I remember the noise of the drill and I kept having to swallow the water so fast, I almost felt like I was drowning. The 2nd appt. was horrible. I heard and felt EVERYTHING! The sedation didn't take effect until after the work was done. Yesterday, the sedation worked like a charm. The only thing I heard was the drill, but not too bad. They gave me a larger dose of the sedation, too. All the major work is done. All I'm waiting for is the permanent crowns to come in and the deep cleaning, but I think I'll be okay with just novocaine. Man, if I can make it through all this, the most phobic person can. I am a nervous wreck just thinking of the dentist and I can cry just sitting in the chair. The only minus to the sedation is that for a day or two after, I have a bad headache and I have to listen to the stories my family tells about the crazy things I say or do and have no memory of! Hang in there and if your dentist offers sedation--take it!