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      Default Netherlands - Recommended dentists

      Here is a list of website and dentist reviews for anyone looking for a caring dentist in the Netherlands:

      Respected Dutch Dentist-Patient website including a search function for dentists taking on new patients (Zoek een tandarts) and a dental phobia discussion forum (Openbaar forum - Angst voor de tandarts) - which includes a stickied thread (Instellingen voor angstbehandelingen) where there is a list of dentists/hospital departments offering 'Angsttandarts' (nervous patient) services. For most of them you need a referral from your Huisarts (GP) or tandarts (dentist).

      Anxious/phobic children or those with severe dental problems can best be helped by a specially-trained 'Kindertandarts' (pediatric dentist) who have received extra training and accreditation. An up-to-date list of those accredited is available on the website of the
      Nederlandse Vereniging voor Kindertandheelkunde (Dutch Pediatric Dentistry Association) on this link:
      Peter Lansen in the Hague comes particularly highly recommended by Expats; as does Care Dental in Ypenburg 070-3907206, Frits Diepenlaan 66, 2497 DL.

      Historically many posters on have recommended two establishments in Holland where treatment is routinely provided under i/v sedation or even general anaesthesia. The moderators on the site whilst acknowledging that most posters have positive experiences counsel that this is not a long-term solution to dental phobia and also that not everyone will be pleased with the results. These establishments are:

      Expat Website Expatica Article on Dental Care Dutch-style which discusses the insurance position among other things:

      The following are dentists who have been recommended by English-speaking posters on 'Expatica/other sources' as being up to date and providing a 'comfortable = anaethetised' experience.
      In case you need to request it, the word for anaesthetic is 'Verdoving'
      Some also have sections on their websites addressing patient anxiety and could therefore be suitable for those who consider themselves to be phobic or extremely anxious.


      Nathaly at De Gezonde Lach De Clerqstraat 24, Amsterdam. Tel 0203315119.
      Expatica Post 2008: 'She is really lovely, and she may still be taking new patients. You'd have to call and ask.
      She does teeth whitening, but not sure about other cosmetic procedures.
      She fit both of us in really fast, and within 3 weeks all of my (fairly extensive) work was done. I was a big wimp about it, but she took her time, explained everything (in great English), and took it easy on me.
      Good luck! I'm so happy that I got everything done, it was about 8 years since I had had my teeth checked!'

      Delft Specialise in anxious patients and rarely for NL offer nitrous oxide conscious sedation (lachgas). Expatica poster:'I have had only good experiences here'

      The Hague
      Tandarts GGR Leo, Anna Paulownastraat 113, Den Haag
      2518 BD Tel +31 70 3644645
      Expatica poster: 'I'll join the recommendation re Dr. Leo.
      The prices are high but the level is outstanding. Examples:
      He has a panoramic x-ray machine in house.
      Most 1-tooth-crowns are done in ONE sitting!
      On one occasion I needed his help out of office-hours so he came specially for me to his clinic.'

      Recommended on a Polish Expat Website:

      Ms Marta R Stalewska, dentist / Tandarts
      Laan van Meerdervoort 264a
      2563AJ Den Haag

      'I agree with Shed ...
      Since when I go to see my Stalewskiej congenital, chronic fear of the Dentist "in odstawke went." I recommend.

      'I also recommend Dr. Stalewska - is extremely delicate - do I use the insurance - if it comes to insurance with CZ - also have any, you pay at-a-service, and are sending the bill to about 2 weeks you have coins in your account-a doctor Stalewska really recommend- If your son is afraid the dentist after the first visit to the doctor probably will change medicine in a feeling of fun'


      Tandartspraktijk "Sandra" "
      Zoutmanstraat 47 (in front of the store Kamilski)
      no. Tel: 070 753 2285
      Mobile: 0657254365

      'I'm allergic, I have allergies to medicines, among other things, anesthesia administered during a dental procedure. Unfortunately, I got a terrible toothache . It turned out that the case is serious, because the tooth is not suitable for treatment, you have to pull out.
      After a double dose of antibiotics, pain still did not give me sleep and function normally. Dentists to whom I managed to get a helpless seeing my family doctor a letter from a list of drugs that have an allergy. Fear in their eyes and telling that it is essential tooth extraction in the hospital almost led me to panic, and the term proposed by the hospital that led me to the death with the pain. Ok. 3 months, well, possibly 2-3 weeks. For someone who does not sleep, every hour of playing roles.
      Devastated on Saturday made an attempt and went straight to hospital, where he sent me to the dentist on duty. On having read the famous letter about allergies sent me to the hospital and the hospital sent me home and told to wait for a period of pain and suffering.
      How I managed to determine this in dental offices in the Netherlands is not removed Nr.8 teeth only in the hospital and there are big queues, because there are young Dutchmen immediately remove these teeth were not problems in adult life.
      Exhausted by the pain I took the hand of our weekly "Sunday in the Netherlands", read: dental surgeon, Zoutmanstraat 47 tel.0707532285 - I think I will call, something for my tooth. On the handset, the voice I hear nice assistant who patiently listened to my story, .....and I got a quick appointment. I was scared terribly but not just stutter and death after the injection....
      The cabinet door greeted me smiling staff. The doctor pulled me your warm hand and a voice said, "Cheer up, everything will be alright"
      I sat on a chair. The doctor saw my fear to tell me about his many years of professional practice. Convinced me that not only did I have this problem. She met with many allergies and know how to proceed in such cases. She made me try allergic and my heart is slowly taking on a calm normal rhythm. Attempt proved to be negative so the drug was suitable for me. I felt that fear changed to joy, and fear for my life ceased to torment me.
      After administration of anesthesia, the doctor wiggled out my tooth.
      Ms. Mary is a dentist, who well remembers the times when dental treatment was painful and unpleasant. Nevertheless decided to deal with this myth, and so treat their patients not to suffer from pain and did not die of fright before each visit in her office. Her personality, warmth and good word of the patient and professional service leads to the fact that the fear of surgery, like the morning mist escapes. Her professional conduct gave me what you need most - a sense of security. For all this, thank you with all my heart. All those who need help I recommend this dentist's office.. Enter, and you leave with a smile on your lips, without pain and fear'

      Rotterdam Specialise in anxious patients and rarely for NL offer nitrous oxide conscious sedation (lachgas). Seen recommended in phobia section on

      Care Dental Ypenburg
      Frits Diepenlaan 66, Den Haag Husband and wife team, the lady is an accredited pediatric dentist. Both highly praised as good with nervous patients several times in 'Ypenburg Nu' an 'Ask your neighbour-type thread' Also recommended by Expats.

      Other Interesting Websites - NB no recommendation held.
      Amsterdam With in-house beautician, possibly the nearest thing to a Dental Spa currently available in NL but no details about the staff shared.
      Website in English and Dutch 'Anxiety treatment: appointments possible on Saturdays and evenings, more time available, computer guided anaesthesia, TV and/or iPod during treatment'

      The Hague (Den Haag)
      'All treatments are executed generating the least possible amount of pain; i.e.: you will not feel any pain during the treatment itself. The affected area may ache slightly after the treatment has been completed. Should you, as is rarely the case, feel any pain whatsoever, we will provide you with efficient painkillers'. - website in English, 'dental counselling for anxious patients'

      Tandartspraktijk Valkenbosplein, Valkenbosplein 21, 2563 CC, Den Haag Tel 070 322 8438 - nitrous oxide sedation for very nervous patients or those with a gag reflex.

      Lisse - section for anxious patients: 'the practice where we listen and talk before you sit in the chair'
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      Default Re: Netherlands - Recommended dentists

      To begin with, my clinic is 24h 7 days a week available. Secondly and more important, I hope the administrators remove this commercial from the forum.
      Dr. Daniel Finkelman
      DMD (2005); BSc Psychology (2007)

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      Default Re: Netherlands - Recommended dentists

      I would like to add that I have personally meet and had a nice chat with Dr Daniels last year in Cologne where we both attended the IDS which is the world's largest dental trade show. I can attest that he is sincerely interested in seeing anxious patients and treating them with respect. I think we should also give him credit for spending many hours like I do on the site for no compensation or advertisement at all.
      Dr. Raymond Kimsey, DMD

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