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    Thread: Bridge Prep immediate following extraction?

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      Unhappy Bridge Prep immediate following extraction?

      Hi! I had a molar extracted on Friday with an immediate bridge prep and temporary put on. Is this common within the dental industry b/c now I have heard people say I should have waited for the extraction site to heal first, then prep for a temporary bridge? I'm a little confused.


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      yes you can have a temporary bridge straight away after an extraction. the dentist will wait about 3 months before removing the temporary bridge, doing final adjustments to the preps and taking an impression for the long-term bridge.
      it's not somthing i do often- if it is a molar, i'd probably wait the three months before doing the bridge preps after everything has healed.
      in your case, so long as everything has healed before the final bridge is fitted it is fine to do it this way and there may be reasons why your dentist has decided that this is the best option in your case- (to prevent tooth movement for example).
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      Default Re: Bridge Prep immediate following extraction?

      Thank you Dr.Mike..........I was worried hearing everyones opinions regarding how this all took place. I'm actually very sore still and swollen like a chipmunk but overall, it's becoming less and less- day by day. THANK YOU for such a quick response.

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