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    Thread: Quick home made filling?

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      Default Quick home made filling?

      Had a filling put in yesterday and the thing fell out today. Phoned dentist and I have an appointment on Monday to have it looked at.

      Problem is its sensitive to cold and although it doesn't hurt, I have a low-level headache with it. I would like to know is it possible for me to put something over it to plug the hole which will last just until Monday? Maybe like take a mouthwash and place a blob of sugar-free gum as a temporary thing (at least while I eat something?)

      You used to to be able to buy emergency dental kits in the UK. Can you still buy these?

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      Default Re: Quick home made filling?

      Hi you can still buy these, however, instead of buying a whole kit, you can just buy the filling stuff, e.g. at Boots:
      Dentek Temporary Filling Material Repair Kit:

      Hope this helps
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      Default Re: Quick home made filling?

      Tesco sell the repair kits too

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