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    Thread: HELP!! Need advice for dealing with my loose tooth (temporarily)

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      Default HELP!! Need advice for dealing with my loose tooth (temporarily)

      Hi all - my first post here....

      Ok - so a quick background; I have quite severe problems with some of my teeth as a result years of not looking after them properly and smoking - so basically all my fault really.

      I am seeing a dentist - private...very expensive (but beats NHS nightmares)..but very good.

      Ok - so on to my problem.... I have two very loose teeth (the two right in the front/middle on the lower jaw). As a result i'm having 4 teeth extracted and a bridge to the two lower canines which are "fine" (the gums may disagree with this...). All well and good..ish...

      I have my first appointment for the work on the 1st Oct which will be the prep work on teh canines and the extractions. Two weeks later I get a temporary bridge and then 3-6 months later (depending more on money than the healing process) I get the permanent bridge.

      However....and this is my reasons for posting of those loose teeth is now VERY loose. As kind of swings out the back of the gum on occasion and I suspect is held in more by luck and being pinched in by other teeth than anything else. Certainly isn't attached to the jaw by the feel of it! Needless to say this makes biting virtually impossible, certainly not with the front middle portion of my mouth and perhaps more importantly....I now have just over 3 weeks until the tooth is extracted anyway and I have to try and keep it in place!

      This is, of course, made harder by the fact that its right in the firing line for my tongue when I talk. Hmmmm!!!! question is this; how do I stabilise this tooth for the next 3 weeks? I'm ok not being able to bite down on it (because i'm now used to that) but if it falls out I would need an emergency appointment with my dentist....who is a 45 minute drive away at best (and in the case of my particular dentist...on holiday for nearly 2 weeks from tomorrow).

      I considered getting the Dentanurse kit and perhaps cementing it? I have doubts as to how well that would work though as the cement appears to be for replacing loose bits that are impacted from above/below rather than the sides as this tooth is.

      Failing that.....what do I do? Stick it in with chewing gum or superglue? (joke!)

      Any answers would be MUCH appreciated!!

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      Default Re: HELP!! Need advice for dealing with my loose tooth (temporarily)

      The only temporary fix is to splint the tooth to a firmer one, on one side or another. The trouble is, the only way to get that done is to see a dentist. Sorry.

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      Default Re: HELP!! Need advice for dealing with my loose tooth (temporarily)

      My upper front teeth were all loose for about a year. Yes, it did affect my eating and talking until I finally had them removed (after one of them fell out on their own!). I don't know of anyway to stabelize a tooth without a dentist's help.


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      Question Re: HELP!! Need advice for dealing with my loose tooth (temporarily)

      Greetings Martin,

      Have you contacted either a NHS dentist or your private dentist and explained your situation? One or the other may be able to set you up with a quick temporary solution based upon dental cement and something akin to a brace. If you've not already done so you should contact a dentist and explain what you've shared here and see what they suggest.

      The only other thing that comes to mind as a possibility is something that folks who suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding) and/or boxers use and that's a transparent bite guard. They do come in two piece configurations (as opposed to the traditional one piece) that would allow you to speak while wearing it. You'd have to do a bit of searching to find a slender one that would look half way decent though.

      Hope that helps.

      ,\´ Scott

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      Default Re: HELP!! Need advice for dealing with my loose tooth (temporarily)

      I don't know how sturdy your gums are but if they fall out the dentist usually tells you to put it in milk for a few minutes and them simply jam them back in (sounds kinda crude but apparently it works). I dont know if you tried simply pushing them into your gums to make them more secure for now, but you should defientally call your dentist ASAP.

      One other thing if the nerve for the tooth breaks the tooth will eventually die and turn black.
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