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NO money, Bad teeth
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    Thread: NO money, Bad teeth

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      i am 23 years old can't get a job due to my teeth and due to the fact i am living on the street.... my car has a computer hidden in the dash.

      is there anyway to get my teeth fixed? for free? i think its stupid that the USA gov does not fix childens teeth.... my teeth have been like this since i was 13?

      my wisdom tooth hurts like a bitch... i need al 4l of them pulled.... would braces fix my teeth? what about that invsible line or whatever? most dentists want cash and will tell you to off around here.

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      You should contact the state board for dentistry in your State. Quite a lot of areas have dentists who do free treatment for people who can't afford basic dental care.

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      You can't get a job because of your teeth? huh.

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      Do some research - is there a dental school in your area? A lot of them have clinics that are low-cost or even free.

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