Just a quick write up about my brief experience at this dental clinic in Islington, north London. I was referred here by my dentist to get a broken molar extracted because I was way too nervous to do it successfully at my other clinic.

It is a really high tech clinic, which looks and feels more like a sushi bar than a dental clinic, so it may help those who are fearful of dentist office environments. The rooms are all soundproofed and the receptionist is extremely professional and friendly, so top marks there. Their website is http://www.bdental.co.uk, and they say that their general dentist is good with nervous patients, although I was referred to their oral surgeon.

They opened their clinic an hour early for my referral, and everyone was very punctual. The OS came out to chat with me briefly before treatment, and I was taken in to the treatment room, which was possibly the largest treatment room I've been in, very brightly lit, complete with computer monitor above the chair and a TV with movies of your choice playing. Apparently you can also request headphones with your choice of music. The atmosphere was a bit more calming than your standard dental office. They also had all the X-ray equipment on-site so there was no anxiety about waiting for X-ray referrals and so on - everything could be just done on-site. The dental nurse was friendly and pleasant. The OS was also very professional and confident - he communicated extremely well, and also constantly throughout the treatment, so I was kept informed - and at no point did he make me extremely nervous. I chose oral sedation (Temazepam) which did not really do much.... but there is also IV sedation available for very nervous patients. Frankly, for my "difficult" extraction, I didn't really need it at all, I was surprised at how quick and painless it all was, and I was out of there way before I expected to be. For needle-phobics, the injections are not painless... they are quite standard injections and so if you can't tolerate these, it'd be better to find another clinic, possibly one offering the wonderful WAND.

But all in all, I thought B Dental exceeded my expectations, and I'd recommend it to anyone except maybe needle-phobes (unless you choose to do your procedure under IV sedation!).