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Dentures Support Groups and Forums

Dentures – A New Smile A very friendly and supportive bunch. Apart from the actual message boards, this group contains excellent informational sections on dentures.

Denture Adventures A Yahoo! Group which has been highly recommended. Membership required.

Dentures Information

Tell me about… Dentures Information and practical tips for getting used to dentures, in plain English.

Tell me about… Denture cleaning Excellent, easy-to-follow advice for looking after your dentures.

Living with your Dentures Great summary with tips on speaking and eating with your dentures, caring for your dentures, and relining and rebasing.

Soft food suggestions Not from a dentures site, but useful all the same, especially while you’re healing!

Denturist Association of British Columbia Packed with info on all sorts of dentures, and on denturists. Excellent site. Covers topics such as “What are denturists?”, “Your first dentures”, implant-supported dentures, partial dentures, caring for your dentures, the soft base denture, the secret of a well-made denture, common questions and answers, and more.

Ask Doctor Spiller This excellent dentistry website also has lots of information on dentures, for example why you should replace your denture every 5 to 7 years, information about different types of dentures (including immediate dentures), denture relines, mini-implant supported dentures, and more!

Tell me about… Denture stomatitis (thrush) Information on how to prevent and deal with yeast infection (thrush).

Personal websites about dentures

My Denture Adventures If you’re in for dentures, it can be helpful to read about other people’s experiences. This site is based on a first-hand diary-style account of going through the process of getting dentures.