General Information

“Tell me about…” leaflets Brought to you by the Oral Health Foundation, this site explains dental topics, including all common treatments, in plain English. A questions-and-answers format is used for each topic. A friendly site if you’re looking for basic, easy-to-read information.

Animated Teeth Detailed explanations and animations on lots of dental topics and procedures. This site has really grown over the years and is now an excellent source of evidence-based information!

Ask Dr. Spiller Tons of information. If you don’t mind explicit images and you’re looking for information on dental health or dental procedures, this can be a brilliant site. Covers lots of aspects of dentistry and dental health, and explains both advantages and disadvantages of various dental treatments. Good advice on prevention.

Dental Info at Dental Fear Central explains some common dental procedures, gives tips for preventing future problems, and contains a section on DIY dentistry.

Quackwatch and Dentalwatch address some of the myths and “controversies” you may encounter while surfing the web (such as “root canals are dangerous”, “amalgam fillings are poison”, or “fluoride should be banned”).

Blogs and Blog-style Websites

Oral Answers – This is a blog started by a dental student in the USA to help people learn about dental health and dental procedures. Engagingly written, with lots of interesting articles.

Dental Implants

Dental Implant Information An overview of routine dental implant treatment for consumers by the Association of Dental Implantology UK.