Dental Information Resources

General Dental Health Websites

“Tell me about…” leaflets – The Oral Health Foundation’s website explains dental topics, including all common treatments, in easy-to-read English. A questions-and-answers format is used for each topic.

Animated Teeth – In-depth explanations and animations on lots of dental topics and procedures. This site has really grown over the years and is now an excellent source of evidence-based information!

Dental Info at Dental Fear Central explains some common dental procedures from the patient’s perspective, gives tips for preventing problems, and contains a section on DIY dentistry.

Oral Answers – This is a blog started by a dental student in the USA to help people learn about dental health and dental procedures. Engagingly written, with lots of interesting articles.


Read our Denture FAQ page for the low-down on dentures!

Dentures – A New Smile This group has now been bought up and is no longer a grass-roots forum, but it contains lots of useful info in the discussions.

There are also many denture-related groups on Facebook. Type “dentures” in the search box, then select the “Groups” tab.

Another place is YouTube, where many people sharing their personal journeys with dentures.

Soft food ideas – This may come in handy while you’re healing.

Ask Doctor Spiller: Dentures This dentistry website, which no longer exists, had lots of information on dentures. Thanks to, you’ll still be able to access the info!

Verify a Dentist’s Licence

It is a good idea to check if your potential dentist is actually licensed to practice dentistry… Below you’ll find out how to do so in various countries (sorted alphabetically).


Australian Dental Association – Find a Dentist Use the “Branches” drop-down menu on the upper left. In order to practice dentistry in Australia, a dentist must be registered in the particular State in which they intend to practice. The Australian Dental Association provides contact information for State Dental Boards. No online search available.


Dental Regulatory Authorities in Canada Each province has a dental regulatory authority. Contact information for each of them can be found on the Canadian Dental Association’s website.


4 out of 5 dentists are members of the Irish Dental association, which also provides a search function. If a dentist isn’t a member, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad sign. Under the Dentists Act 1985, the Dental Council of Ireland is the independent authority charged with responsibility for the registration of dentists. It’s illegal to practice without being registered. Their website address is, and they are currently developing an online search for dentist registrations. The contact details are:

The Dental Council, 57 Merrion Square, Dublin 2. Ph.: (01) 6762069/6762226

New Zealand

Dental Council of New Zealand “The Council’s role is to protect the public by ensuring that practitioners in the dental professions are fit, safe and competent to practise.” You can search their register online. The Dental Council can also investigate complaints.


General Dental Council (GDC) The General Dental Council’s purpose is to protect the public by regulating dental professionals in the UK. It’s illegal to practice dentistry in the UK without being registered with the GDC. It’s easy to check if a dentist is registered on their website. Past editions of the GDC Gazette, which can be downloaded as PDF files from their website, give details of past actions against dentists which came before the GDC. You can also make justified complaints to the GDC (for example, gross misconduct or poor dental treatment).


Links to State Dental Boards In the U.S., you can check a dentist’s licensure through your state dental board’s website (most have an online search facility). Your relevant state dental board or local dental society can also provide information on how to initiate a peer review procedure in case you’d like to make a justified complaint (such as gross misconduct or poor dental treatment). You can also check with them for any actions taken against a dentist. Your local courthouse will have any suits that have been filed.

The information on this page has been provided by the Dental Fear Central Web Team. Last updated on June 8, 2020. We welcome your feedback on our information resources.