As dental phobia is losing its stigma and rapidly gaining in popularity, we’ve scoured the web for dental anxiety websites, articles and forums… enjoy!

Websites and Articles

Tell me About… My Fear of the Dentist Excellent Q&A-format info on how to go about visiting a dentist by the British Dental Health Foundation. Essential reading.

How Dental Fears Work by the late Jerry Gordon, who sadly passed away in 2017 after cancer treatment complications. A great article, targeted at both dental phobics and dentists. You can also explore the rest of his legacy website, which features tons of useful articles.

Conquer Your Fear of the Dentist by Dr Eric Spieler. Recommended reading, especially if fear of loss of control or not being in charge plays a major part in your phobia.

A Professional Psychologist and Dental Phobic Speaks… This article (PDF download), which appeared in the Journal of the Canadian Dental Association in 2005, comes highly recommended. Written by an (ex-)dental phobic psychologist, the article presents interesting ideas on cognitive restructuring and learning theory.

Embarrassing Problems – Fear of the Dentist Good agony-aunt-style advice, also on finding a dentist.

Dental Anxiety by Susan Zakin. “You can have people shoot at me, but don’t send me to the dental clinic. I may die or get blown up, but I prefer to do that than sit in this chair right here.” Does this ring a bell? Good article on how dental phobia may be overcome, giving lots of examples. Dental Phobia An article on dental phobia, clearly written and presented. Features a tip on how to distinguish handpiece vibration from pain.

Forums and Message Boards

Dental Fear Central’s Dental Phobia Support Forum The biggest and busiest dental phobia forum on the web! Dentists are welcome to join, too.