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General Information

Dentists recommended by phobic patients (worldwide)

Dental Fear Central’s Dentist Finder Our very own find-a-dentist database. Please don’t forgot to add your recommendations :D!

In the UK and Ireland

Dental treatment on the NHS – Frequently Asked Questions While we would recommend paying for private treatment if at all possible, financially (or ideologically) this may not be an option for you. These FAQs explain your rights as an NHS patient, costs, etc.

NHS England – Find a Dentist You can search for NHS dentists in England here, and see who accepts new NHS patients. You can also rate dentists here!!

NHS Scotland Dental Helplines Google for your local dental helpline in Scotland (for NHS dentists). We’ve had reports that they are very helpful when you make it clear that you’re looking for a dentist who is good with very nervous or phobic people, so do give them a call.

NHS Dentist Search Wales Search for NHS dentists in Wales.

British Dental Association – Find A Dentist Search engine which allows searching for BDA-registered dentists in your area. The enhanced search allows specification of options such as treatment of phobic patients or special needs.

British Endodontic Society – Search the Directory of Members If you are looking for a specialist in root canal treatments (an endodontist), this site allows you to search for them.

Money Saving Expert – Local Forums Lots of users means lots of responses… ask for recommended dentists in your area here and you’ll most likely get some responses.

Denplan Dentist Search Denplan’s Dentist Search can be very useful because it also has links to dental practices in the search results. You can restrict the search to Denplan Excel dentists. These tend to be a good bet as they have to meet high standards of practice.

General Dental Council Search Any dentist who practices dentistry in the UK has to be registered with the GDC. This site allows to search the register by name, and provides information such as when and where the dentist qualified.

Irish Dental Association 4 out of 5 dentists in Ireland are members of the Irish Dental Association, whose website also features a dentist search engine. While not much information can be gleaned, dentists’ e-mail addresses are listed.

Boards.ie If you’re in Ireland, try posting in your local section of boards.ie for dentist recommendations in your area.

In the US

Dr. Oogle This is a site for patients to post their own reviews/accounts of their experiences with general dentists and specialists and to provide others with rankings and recommendations. It is a PAY to advertise site –
if the dentist doesn’t pay the company a significant listing fee then the company downgrades their review (and vice versa). Use with caution.

RateMDs.com A site with ratings and reviews of medical professionals, including dentists (look for specialty: dentistry).

Insiderpages.com Described as “The Yellow Pages Written By Friends”, this network allows people to write reviews about everything, including dentists, in their area.

ADA – Find a Dentist Search for ADA member dentists.

Low-cost or Free Dental Care:

Free dental care for elderly, disabled, and medically compromised adults Find Donated Dental Services in your area. By the National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped.

Dental Schools in the United States A list of dental schools in the United States. If cost is an issue, these are worth checking out. Quality is generally high, but treatment may drag on for quite a while.

Give Back a Smile If you are a survivor of domestic violence, you may be able to receive free cosmetic dental care as part of the “Give Back a Smile” program.

In Canada

RateMDs.com A site with ratings and reviews of medical professionals, including dentists. Seems to have a reasonable number of reviews for Canadian dentists.

In Australia

Australian Dental Association – Find a Dentist Search by keyword, specialty, location, or name.