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Fear of being aware of dental treatment

“My real wishes are to just be knocked out cold.”

“I really just don’t want to be awake, that’s what terrifies me.”

Many people with a dental phobia, when thinking about their ideal dentist visit, come up with a scenario along the following lines: be knocked out cold at home before being whisked away and having all problems fixed, and wake up later in your own bed.

For some of us, the reasoning behind this “ideal solution” has more to do with wanting to avoid the initial encounter with a dentist and all that might entail (the embarrassment over the state of your teeth, “the lecture”, hearing the bad news, and so on). If this applies to you, you may find that your fear of being awake diminishes once you find a kind and caring dentist who is right for you.

Fear of Being Awake during dental procedures

For others, the fear of being awake during dental procedures is a very specific fear. You “just know”, deep down, that you cannot tolerate any treatment while being awake. Or you may know that you can’t handle being awake during a specific procedure, such as tooth removal, but you’re okay with other dental procedures.

If that’s the case, you may be interested in IV sedation. IV sedation has largely replaced general anaesthesia. It is extremely safe and effective.

In the UK, quite a few dentists have been trained to provide IV sedation, usually privately. You can google for dentists in your area who offer this service. If you cannot afford private treatment, the NHS advises to ask for a referral to an NHS sedation clinic. Usually, this referral is made by a dentist, but in some areas, a GP (or health visitor) can arrange this. There may be waiting lists involved, though.

For more information, visit our IV sedation page.

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