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    Thread: Dentures with bone loss?

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      Default Dentures with bone loss?

      Hi everyone,

      I've got an appointment tomorrow at the dental hospital. I have severe gum disease and i'm in alot of pain.

      I've decided to ask the dentist about dentures but i'm only 28. Last time I had an appointment the dentist said I had 50% bone loss on all teeth. Does this mean I wont ba able to have dentures?

      Also I like to know if you wear dentures a long time i.e 20/30 years or more is there ever a time you cant wear dentures due to bone loss.

      Thanks in advance.

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      Default Re: Dentures with bone loss?

      Hi ami,

      at the age of 28, you may have bone loss around your teeth but I am quite certain that you have enough bone for dentures. yes the bone will continue to be lost as the years pass with dentures.

      bone is there to hold the teeth in. the bone is there to serve a purpose. as soon as the purpose is gone (ie. tooth loss) the bone then resorbs. some people are later on in life have difficulty with dentures. implants and bone grafts are now solutions to this.

      BUT given all this talk of dentures and such. I want to emphasize that you try to maintain your teeth as best you can from a gum standpoint first. you'll be surprised how much more comfortable your teeth will feel once the gums are taken care of.

      Best to you at your appt tomorrow.
      Dr. Shirley

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