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      Can anyone tell me how long reversible pulpitis takes to heal? I got a new filling in a lower molar 9 months ago and the tooth is still sensitive to pressure. I can't chew anything hard or crisp on it. It was also sensitive to hot and cold to start with, but this has somewhat resolved itself.

      My dentist says he won't do root canal on the tooth unless the pain was more severe and throbbing, which it isn't. I would say it's mild to moderate and the tooth is completely painfree when not irritated.

      I'm beginning to lose patience and with every new episode of pain I get more and more frustrated. The tooth hasn't deteriorated since I got the filling, but it hasn't improved very much either apart from the heat/cold sensitivity.

      Is it worth waiting any longer or should I just put an end to it and get the root canal before the pain gets worse?


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      9 months is too long to suffer like this, get on and get the endo done.

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