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    Thread: Pain After Filling (5 weeks!) & 2 Bite adjustments!

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      Default Pain After Filling (5 weeks!) & 2 Bite adjustments!

      Hi There,

      About 5 weeks ago I had a filling (silver) on my upper left molar and after a few days it was uncomfortable the dentist said it was too high and the pain went away after he filed it down. For the next 2 weeks my filling was painfree but the pain came back (pain felt the same as prior to the bite adjustment) so went to back to dentist. The pain is only generated when I clench or bite down hard on my teeth but it was still not right but it was not sensitive to hot/cold and I can determine the pain is coming from the back of the tooth, not near the filling. The dentist checked the filling, took an x-ray and said everything looked good and the filling didn't need to be adjusted. He suggested that I had an infection so I took antibotics for 1 week, these did nothing for me and the pain persisted.

      I went back again and he decided to adjust the tooth where the pain was being generated at the back of the tooth, not near the filling. However the pain is still there and now is getting worse, it is paining now to chew! I am going back to the dentist, where I think he will suggest a crack but with the diagnosis so hard to determine, I would like some opinons and any help would be appreciated!!

      Also I had no pain/sensitive prior to the filling.
      I am going travelling for a few months in Asia in 2 weeks so do not have much time......Don't wanna be there with toothache!!

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      Default Re: Pain After Filling (5 weeks!) & 2 Bite adjustments!

      Sounds like the dentist is behaving fairly reasonably, I wouldn't have done anything differently to what's already been done. I'd probably try removing the filling and bunging in a sedative filling next if it was me. Although maybe some very careful bite analysis would perhaps reveal an unexpected high area...

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