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    Thread: Tooth aching/sensitivity after wisdom tooth extraction?

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      Default Tooth aching/sensitivity after wisdom tooth extraction?

      I had all four of my wisdom teeth extracted 6 days ago under IV sedation (didn't feel or remember a thing, thank goodness!). All four teeth were non-impacted/fully erupted but had to be removed because of large cavities that developed in them due to difficulty in cleaning them properly.

      I'm happy to say that I've had very minimal post-op pain, most likely because the extractions were quick and simple. The back of my mouth was sore at the injection sites for a couple of days but feels fine now. However, over the past two days I've been experiencing a painless aching/knawing sensation in my teeth and gums closer to the back that makes me want to clench my teeth constantly just to relieve the sensation. More concerning is the fact that my lower left 2nd molar (that was root canalled last summer) has become very pressure sensitive. It's slightly uncomfortable to bite down on it and when I floss the space infront of it I experience a sharp nerve-like pain. The tooth was perfectly fine prior to the surgery. I've never had any pain or pressure sensitivity in it since the root canal was done.

      Are these normal symptoms after having non-impacted wisdom tooth extraction?

      Thanks so much for your advice.

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      Default Re: Tooth aching/sensitivity after wisdom tooth extraction?

      Sounds like your TM joint has flared up a bit, which is quite normal after surgery and you're aggravating things with your clenching. Your dentist should be able to help a bit, either by adjusting your bite a bit or by making you a bite guard or splint.

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