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    Thread: Hygienist Says My Gums score a '1' - what's that then?

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      Default Hygienist Says My Gums score a '1' - what's that then?

      Just curious. This week went to my 6 mthly hygienist visit and saw a different one to usual. Before she started she was measuring something to do with my gums and said *Last time you were a 2, this time it's a 1* and sounded quite pleased. I forgot to ask her afterwards - what's being scored and can I make it even better? Just curious really! My usual hygienist must take the masurement but never tells me about it!
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      Default Re: Hygienist Says My Gums score a '1' - what's that then?

      I don't know the medical answer but I think she was measuring how far your gums get pushed down in millimeters. A high number is not good and suggests gum disease. After not brushing/flossing for a long time I went to the dentist and she measured between 4-6 on all of my teeth, which was not good. After root planing, using a strong mouthwash, and flossing regularly I went back a month or so later and they measured around 1-2, which is good. My gums were less inflammed and tender. I think the main thing to do is to floss regularly.

      Again, this is just my opinion as I am not a dentist. This is just what I basically remember my dentist telling me when I went in before.

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      Re: Hygienist Says My Gums score a '1' - what's that then?

      Hello Poodleoo,

      The number is what they call a pocket chart the lower the number the better, - the better your cleaning is. So well done. Was it Sarah Thirkill you saw - she used to be my hygienist. If you have read my journal you will know that I have unfortunately lost my job in York and had to leave Carolyn - and Acomb dental practice. I am now back in North Wales and have gone back to my original dentist Miss J L Potter in Handbridge Chester - see my journal. I will really miss Carolyn's friendly approach although Miss Potter is really lovely as well. I gave Carolyn a card thanking her for the care she has taken with me and I would quite happily return to Acomb dental practice if I ever moved back to York. You may also notice from the recommend a dentist section that someone else has also gone to Carolyn - I wonder whether they found out about her through this web site? Best wishes and keep posting on this forum, You may be able to find out more about pocket charting on the British Dental Health Foundation web site.

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