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      I just noticed today in the region of where my cuspid/first biscupid was, buccal side, that I can feel a little teeniny sharp piece of (bone? leftover root tip?) coming through the gum. It hurts a bit, as it's cutting into my gum. Will this work itself out, or is this part of the "bony ridge" that's coming through my gums as they heal and shrink? Or something else altogether?


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      Hi Many times when teeth are extracted, you will have boney fracments called bone spiculas. They are like bone slivers. They normally work thier way out, however, if they cause alot of discomfort the dentist can remove them for you.

      I had all of my top teeth and some of the bottom extracted. I have had about five of them, two of which I had the dentist remove for me, as they were causing discomfort and the others worked thier way out on thier own.

      Hope this helps

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      Hi.... I had these too when i had an impacted wisdom removal, and for quite a considerable time afterwards, the last one was a few months down the line. I had one removed the rest worked their own way out. It feels pretty freaky, but they do come out. If you do have problems with it though I would go and ask to have them cleared for you, it can take a while otherwise. x
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