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    Thread: How Fast Do Cavities Spread?

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      Default How Fast Do Cavities Spread?

      I was wondering how fast existing cavities generally grow?

      When I went to the dentist at the beginning of November I had four cavities. They scheduled appointments to have them filled in order of how bad they were from worst to least concern. I had the first two major ones done in November. The third one, which I was worried about at the time since it had been so long I had done at the end of January/beginning of February. Now I was supposed to have the last one filled the last week of February but I got sick so the next appointment I could get was the last week of March. Is this going to be a huge problem? I was surprised about how easy the third one was, since I was so worried about it, but I have been having discomfort in that area of my teeth. However, the last cavity is in the tooth adjacent to the one I had root canaled almost five years ago and need to get a crown on, and I sometimes have pain in that tooth, so I'm not positive which tooth it is. I would hate to go at the end of the month, have the dentist drill into the tooth and then tell me it needs a root canal.

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      Unless you've got an especially dry mouth or a higher than average sugar intake, then I wouldn't worry about it. Cavities don't grow that quickly.

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