I've had a Rochette bridge for 20 years. Occasionally it comes out and usually it comes loose on one side first. At the moment it is loose on one side and my current dentist is saying that it needs to come out soon or be replaced as there is a risk of the tooth from which it has become detached decaying. I'm a bit concerned because I don't remember any of my previous 3 dentists saying anything about this. My new dentist is proposing instead two single-tooth Maryland bridge instead of my current double bridge as he says it will allow more natural movement - this will cost me £500 which I understand is very reasonable for private (as opposed to NHS) work. While I see his point, my concern is that there will be a visible line between the two false teeth (the missing teeth are upper right 1 and 2) even if there is a bit of pink porcelain added to hide the 'black triangle' which there isn't at the moment because with the current bridge the pink porcelain is joined to both teeth.

Can anyone advise on the decay aspect and the 'join' aspect? Many thanks.