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    Thread: 33 with full denture. The Start of my Journey

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      Default Re: 33 with full denture. The Start of my Journey

      Day Number 6: This day SUCKED!!!! A bunch of different things started to happen.

      + I started a round of antibiotics, but it was too late...An infection already started in my sinuses. (I get frequent sinus infections) I have had post nasal drip for 2 days and this infection is just disgusting.

      Every time I spit, horrible, brown mucusy stuff accompanies the usual salive laced blood from the operation. I am still getting sporatic shooting pains in two different places. I was seriously considering going back to the doctor and inquiring into a torn wall between the sinus and the root of one of my teeth. With some research, I have found that the chances for this are comparitely small.

      Also, I have started chewing very BASIC FOODS. Banna's and eggs. The occasional cake roll. I am having limited success with this as the pain from my gums is still really nasty.

      Thank God, I am not running a fever. I am still able to move around and do things.

      I have lost considerable weight (I am already skinny as a rail) that I cannot afford to lose. Trying to increase my weight with protein shakes and eggs. I understand that this is normal, so I am gonna pair it down to having to learn how to eat all over again. Damnit. As per usual, I am consuming as many different "pastes" as I can to keep my weight up and my spirits high.

      Day Number 7

      I was pretty sure I was over the worst. Nope not even close. A peice of food was lodged in the blood clot between jawbone and the suture. Now, a big hunk of food is now putrefying (Wet rotting) in my mouth.

      It literally tastes like I have a dead animal (Which in a way is what is happening) in my mouth. People actually say that they can SMELL my breath. Thats how digusting it is. These saline rinses that I am doing religiously isn't dislodging the putrefying food from extraction site.

      I can tell you this: It's kind of a mix of a dead animal and a tinge of metal anoxidizing in your mouth. This really pungent, disgusting odor and taste that is beginning to drive me nuts. Literally. I just want it gone.

      The antibiotics are not kicking in yet, as my saliva is tinged even more with this rusty brown looking crap. It has to nasal drip or pus from an infected extraction site. I spit on a white plate and took some pictures. Trust me, you don't want to see them. Even my DOGS didn't want to see that plate.

      I washed it.

      I am still not using adhesives for my new teeth because I want to do it the hard way first. The way I see it, if I do the hard stuff now, 6 months from now I won't be as dire straights as I am now. Food now has a plastic taste to it, so that kind of cuts down the fun.

      Still eating pastes, fish and ALOT of oatmeal. I swear that stuff is a lifesaver in the field (I am a survival instructor) and in the home. Filling and it gives you a huge boost in energy and tummy expansion. Add some butter and sugar and you (Or me) are good for an entire morning.

      I drank my first cup of coffee in 7 days. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Let me tell you fellows man did I MISS THAT SHIT! My whole, toothless ugly mouth was having an orgasm of flavor and caffeine induced delight.

      Quick update: Antibiotics I have learned mess with SSRI medications would explain WHY I am having horrible depression. Good lord is this bad. I had to call my pysch doctor and she explained that antibiotics intefere with my everyday "Keep mike calm" pills. Lovely. Her advice: If you are feeling dangerous, go to the hospital.

      Just like I always say: "Thank you professor."

      The smell and the taste is getting worse. If it gets any worse, I am going to have to play home dentist. Too bad they don't sell those. You know what? I am going to make the following:

      "Goodnight Michael home dental kit" (Patent pending)

      Day 8

      Ok I cannot stand this anymore. Now I am constantly drooling or spitting dark brown material and the putrefication is even worse now: It's intolerable. Time to get out my survival kit.

      As per my training I set up my own picking rig. Taking out a small reflective device from my kit and other essentionals I designed my own set of snippers, caliper like device and a straight pick. I took the mirror a flashlight and my straight pick and opened my mouth:

      Everywhere I looked there was a gray, waxy substance covering both the stitches and the top of 4 extraction sites. This substance is known as "sloughing" and part of the putrefaction process. I wanted to puke. The saline rinses weren't strong enough to kill the bacteria from the wet rot that was in my mouth.

      I resounded only a few words at the top of my stinking breath.


      I think our neighbors for three floors heard the exclamation.

      Slowly I took the pick and began scraping this grey decomp off my swollen, sore gums. Each scrape of that pick only pulled some slough off, but each scrape was literal hell. As more and more of this nasty smelling hunk of goo was pulled from my gum, pain ran down the side of my jaw into my neck.

      The sutures were coming loose, so I could freely pull them from side to side. Of course, if I tugged too hard, shooting pain would come from that particular area so I had to be careful. Well low and behold, I found where the hunk of food was hiding. The entire extraction site was bright red. No doubt about it now.

      I tried my best to pull the suture knot from side to side and dig as much of the slough as I could, but that sent waves of pain all over the beach of my body. The food (Or whatever it was) was too far in to reach and even if I could reach it, it wasn't going to make it to the surface without that knot gone. I would have to wait.

      After pulling all the slough that I could out of my mouth I did a survival strength wash of saltwater in my mouth spit and repeated.

      Tried to chew a bananna today with new teeth and that was an excerise. After 20 minutes of trying to chew, I said screw it, took my teeth out and mashed it down. I was too hungry to conduct plastic teeth trial runs today.

      Another cheery note: The antibiotics I am on are causing another great side effect: The runs.

      Man if I was having anymore fun I wouldn't be able to contain my joy at this entire procedure. If I am not in the bathroom I am pyschotically rinsing my mouth every 5 minutes to keep the stank away from my nose.

      Day 8

      The oral surgeon told me that the stitches being pulled was going to feel a little "Funny".

      To that I reply: If your going to use a word so vague as "Funny" to describe the equivalent of pulling thin rope through holes you made in my gums that are now infected, painful and pitiful with wet rot at least give me a hug or something. Perhaps a cookie?

      No, no, how about giant slice of HANG ON MAN HERE WE GO Mike!

      Each snip and pull (And there were ALOT OF THEM) was another chair leather pulling amount of self torture their is. I was in so much pain and fear at one point I could not stop shaking. The surgeon said "Relax, snip, Relax Pull". Screw you, your not the one sitting here.

      Finally, he found the extraction site with the rotted food or blood. This stitch wasn't coming out. With each tug I closed my eyes harder and imagined I was in the woods. Perhaps with a beer, or better yet a campfire and a beer with an MRE. Anywhere but there.

      Read past this part if you have a weak stomach. Then again, if your still reading your like me, you see a car accident and you just have to take pictures for some unknown reason.

      !----Puke warning----! !----Puke warning----! !----Puke warning----!

      The surgeon really yanked hard which hurt like hell. That's all I can say.
      It hurt so much I didn't have time to punch him before a giant ball of grey brown material actually popped out of my jaw and onto my neck. The surgeon exlaimed "Wow look at that, looks like you had some food lodge in there". My reply

      "Thanks proffessor!

      I kid you not, that entire room stunk because of this tiny little hunk of rotting food. I couldn't escape that rancid, horrid smell. And then the taste came. The strongest possible, most stomach churning, puke a thon having, rancid liquid ran down the back of my throat.

      I was going to puke. I swallowed hard. The surgeon opened my mouth (Without asking of course) and placed some gauze in the area where now a good amount of blood was beginning to flow. I wanted to get out of that room, cause frankly the stink was just too much.

      !----Puke warning----! !----Puke warning----! !----Puke warning----!

      Once that happy little event happened the rancid taste was gone, THANK GOD. That was the source of three days of stink and hell. It's gone now and I am happy. I would have preferred to stay home and snip those stitches myself but the doctor insisted on doing it.

      Needless to say I am sore now worse than ever because the gums have now split into two peices and they are sore all over again . (That's the only pitiful face I could find) I'm not crying.

      Day 9

      I traveled out into the world today. I went fishing in 97 degree heat in the river and enjoyed the hell out of myself with my ill fitting teeth in. It's the first time in almost a week and a half that I have gone back out into the wild and got back to my happy place.

      I am still working on chewing and most of the time when I get really fustrated or the pain gets too bad, I take the teeth out and power mash the food down.

      By the way, I am once again eating my beloved PB and J sandwhiches. Oh God did I miss them. Teeth out of course. I don't have alot of chewing room for some reason or another, I really gotta see my dentist about this.

      So here we are today right now!! Tommorow I will try and write some more about whats going on!!

      Thank you kindly to everyone that has taken the time to read this update, and given me so much support through PMs and correspondence on this blog.

      Much love to all,
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      Default Re: 33 with full denture. The Start of my Journey

      You are doing so well, hope you start to recover quickly now. Dentures are horrible thing to begin with. I am 31 with upper and lower partials (although not yet wearing the lower!) and for the first couple of weeks it was awful. I am not 4.5 weeks in and finally have times when I forget I even have them and at last I can eat properly!

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      Default Re: 33 with full denture. The Start of my Journey

      Ugh Michael, I'm so sorry about your "Dentures From Hell" ordeal. I wish I had wonderful words of wisdom for you but I don't... just hang in there (what's the alternative?) because things can only get better from here (I know, I know, "thanks professor" ) Big hug for you!

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      Default Re: 33 with full denture. The Start of my Journey

      Michael, you may be trying to tough it out a bit too much. My dentist actually told me I would be better to use an adhesive as I learned to use the dentures as it would cushion my gums and make the dentures more secure as I learned to talk and eat. I've already ate meatloaf..on day 8.
      Be's a learning experience..that's for sure. Hopefully things will improve for you soon.
      Letha...who is no longer a "Terrified Woman"!
      "You can't change yesterday, but you can ruin today worrying about tomorrow!"

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      Default Re: 33 with full denture. The Start of my Journey


      Where have you gone? I stumbled upon this website support group last night. I've been feeling extremely hopeless with my new full denture situation. I'm 9 days out today, and I feel VERY depressed. I too suffer from depression, I'm 32, and feel like CRAP.

      After coming across your story, I actually was laughing..... You hit the nail on the head for me over and over, and you have a wonderful silver tounge. It's very refreshing to read your words. I appreciated every entry, and am wondering where you've gone? I can't seem to find any new posts from you......

      I hope you are doing well, and I would absolutely LOVE to hear from YOU.


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      Default Re: 33 with full denture. The Start of my Journey I am so sorry you've had such an ordeal with your denture process.
      Sept will be my one yr anniversary with dentures.
      Just remember, things will get better..boy will it ever.
      Having a beautiful smile now makes it worth the process..especially when one no longer has a mouth thats hurting.
      I too have a journal here..I had a good experience with my denture process.
      Bigggg healing hugs and I look forward to reading more.

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