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    Thread: swollen gum pain i need your help

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      Default swollen gum pain i need your help

      I am sitting here at a complete loss as to what to do and want to cry. im in so much bloody pain with yet again my teeth. My gums mainly at the top but also has been the bottom have been swollen pretty much now for 3 weeks. you can only notice if you look closely but god am i in pain. The feeling is pressure and like something is stuck between my teeth. My teeth at the front where the worse pain is feel almost numbish and really wierd - every night i am worrying myself sick that they are going to fall out. I have wisdom teeth half through at the back im pretty sure they are impacted as im 28 and have had constant pain over the years with them.Along with the constant pressure on my teeth its the headaches and soreness of the gums that is driving me to tears.

      Im in the UK and have been on the phone all afternoon trying to get an appointment with an nhs dentist as i have recently moved and need to get a new dentist. No one can see me for at least a week - or i go private which as a full time mature student i simply dont have the money. I have been rubbing this gel for gums on 3 times a day rinssing with salt water and taking neurofen and paracetamol. Any suggestions as to what to do or has anyone else had this? Its the triangle bits between the teeth that are swollen. They are also bleeding when i attempt to floss - but currently too scared to even do this. I called my doctor as a last resort for maybe some antibiotics and they said under no circumstances do they deal with teeth! Having a nightmare any advice would be great

      Thanks in advance


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      Default Re: swollen gum pain i need your help

      Hi Poppy

      I am sorry you are in pain. It sounds like a gum infection. This can usually be helped with a course of antibiotics and a good cleaning. I do not live in the UK but I believe you can ring up NHS Direct for advice.

      I am surprised your doctor would not see you and get you some antibiotics to help until you can get to the dentist.

      I hope this helps and you can get out of pain soon.

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      Default I need your help

      I'm back, i posted on here a few weeks ago about my swollen gum and tooth pain problems....Im at a loss as to what to do. I am in constant pain, i hate opening my eyes in the morning as i know as soon as i sit up the headaches will start the pressure in my mouth will begin to throb and my teeth will be sensitive. I went to the dentist. terrible experience....he said my gums looked fine he didnt know what was wrong, i should get my wisdom teeth removed so sent a letter through to the hospital...and well that was that. i explained i was taking paracetamol and codeine for the pain and he actually said "What for?"

      At this point i nearly cried through gritted teeth (if i could grit my teeth it would be a godsend) i once again said because i was in extreme pain and something wasnt right. He ignored what i said sent me on my way (not before high fiving the dental assistant when he saw on the computer that they had a cancellation. Quite honestly i dont want him anywhere near my mouth but i cant get into any other nhs dentist (im in uk) unless i go private which i cant afford as im 28 and trainin to be a teacher.

      I ended up goin back 3 days later he cleaned my teeth and gave me some amoxicillin. this did help the gum swelling but i am still in extreme pain. The worst is the headaches and the pressure in my teeth. Are my wisdom teeth causing this? My teeth are really squished together and i have overcrowdin problems on the top which is where the pain is. My front tooth has slowly been pushed right out over the last 6 years and a lot of the pain is coming from that tooth and surrounding teeth. All my teeth hurt also at the back where my wisdoms are impacted is immense pressure and pain and my ears have been really hurting in the evenings.

      Im popping all sorts of pills to see which works best. Ive tried paracetamol and codeine which apart from making me a bit of a zombie at work didnt do that much i just felt out of it. Also combined paracetamol and ibruprofen together which isnt doing anything anymore. The best was neurofn plus with ibruprofen and codeine although it gave me stomach pains for a week after only taking 2 but god did the pain disappear in my mouth. Anyone have any good recommendations as to what to take for the pain and still be able to function at work etc? Also alhtough i dont take many tablets a day maybe 2 in morning 2 in afternoon (im scared im taking too many over such a long period of time) is this bad for me? Ive been taking pain killers now for like 6 weeks on and off otherwise i might as well not get out of bed in the mornings.

      My biggest fear is that all my teeth are going to fall out. Or just the front ones. Oh god. They all feel really weak and senstive and kind of numb. Im trying to eat soft foods as another thing which is scaring me so much is a type of teeth clicking. When i put my top teeth over my lower lip i can feel them moving or shift against each other. and kind of click in and out of place when i push my tongue against them. Is this normal?? Or is it just pressure of my tongue and gums? I have never felt this before the last 6 weeks of pain...thats whats worrying me...thats my front teeth have so much pressure pushing them together that they will fall out.

      Sorry for the long winded message. Any help, advice will be greatly recieved i feel very alone right now and dont know what to do not even a dentist knows what to do! My family and poor boyfriend are sick of hearing me moan about being in pain and i am certainly no fun to be around..i start uni again in September and couldnt even imagine writing essays and studying feeling like this...i need a miracle (or a new set of teeth!)

      Thanks for listening x

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      Default Re: I need your help

      i do feel for you as i've been having tooth probs for the last 4-5months now due to some new fillings and one of said teeth abcessing. I know what your going throu as my dentist didn;t believe me that i was in so much pain and in the end i went to a dental hospital (i work opposite one so i'm lucky) and saw an oral surgeon who agreed tooth was dead. It's so frustrating for you as u say it's hard to find a nhs dentist..mine is currently private and i think i'm going to try and find another one as she's not very understanding and keeps calling me neurotic!!.
      Did your dentist do any xrays?? or do you have any idea what started it off?? You sound exactly like me in that all you think about these days is is soo hard to think about anything else when your in constant pain!!! Do you think the stress is making you grind/clench at night as this could be making them sensative???
      Anyway i hope some ofthe other on here have some suggestions..maybe you could try and find a dental school in the area or failing that if you have to go back to see your nhs dentist and try and explain how much pain you are in.
      I found that ibuprofen works well and also dissolvable paracetamol which you can swish round your mouth. If it's a gum infection you could try corsydyll for a few weeks(from boots/any chemist) which is an antibacterial mouth wash and see if that helps at all???
      anyway good luck and keep us posted..i think it's good you found this site hopefully someone can help you get to bottom of problem

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      Default Re: I need your help

      Ask to see the principal dentist at the NHS practice you are going to (assuming you are seeing an Associate) for a second opinion, I think you are being fobbed off because of someone's inexperience here.
      Sounds like an awful situation to be in.

      Were x-rays taken as Sarah Lou said? I know the NHS discourages over- xraying but if you are a new patient complaining of pain, I fail to see why x-rays wouldn't be done.
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