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    Thread: Roots almost poking through gum

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      Default Roots almost poking through gum

      I have what I think is an unusual problem since I have searched the internet and can't seem to find info on it.

      On the upper molars on the left side of the mouth it seems like the roots are starting to poke through the gums. The teeth are fine and are not growing at any angles and the gumline at the base of the teeth seems normal. I just had a dental cleaning and x-rays recently and the dentist said all was fine. I didn't realize my problem at the time or I would have pointed it out to him.

      It is almost as if the roots are growing out to the side or the gum has thinned so much that the roots are distinct bumps now, almost to exposing the root.

      What is this problem called? Is it serious? What can be done? I have an appointment with a periodontist in 2 weeks...but if it is serious I would push to see someone sooner.
      Is a periodontist the right person or should I see a dentist?

      Thanks for any info.

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      Default Re: Roots almost poking through gum

      ok,I finally did find some info on the internet and I am not so freaked-out seems it is not the root, but some boney buildup called exostoses. The info I read said it is often caused by teeth clenching at night....and my dentist has asked me if I do this...I did not know why the asked me about that, but now it seems he must have spotted the signs. I am relieved that, from what I have read, if it is not interfering with anything then it is usually left alone.

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