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    Thread: food in broken tooth?

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      Default food in broken tooth?

      so i've been in excrucating pain for the last couple days, the only thing that has subsided the pain is swishing cold water around my broken tooth.

      I'm working at getting to a dentist, but i'm absurdly scared of them, as i'm sure many of you are.

      here is my question, can food getting in to a broken tooth (in my case the very back broken molar.) and would it cause obscene amounts of pain? because I got the pain to go away, by using a water pick, and irrigating (with some force..) the hole with ice cold water and listerine, the shock of pain i felt when i did it hurt, but was nothing compared to the insane ache.

      Does this seem likely? if not, why does my tooth stop hurting after i irrigate it like that? i mean blasting it with a water pick seems extreme but it works..

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      Default Re: food in broken tooth?

      Yes it can cause pain.

      I had an open hole in a couple of my teeth and after eating I would get pain in the tooth if food had gotten stuck in either of them. It would start about half an hour after eating and not stop until I got the piece of food out of the hole. I found that I could usually get the food out by taking a mouthful of water and swilling it around forcefully.

      One of the first things I had done when I finally got the courage to go to a dentist was temporary dressings put on the open holes, the relief of not getting food stuck anymore was bliss, it also didn't hurt to have the dressing put on and one was in place for three months.

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