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    Thread: overjet correction options for an adult?

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      Default overjet correction options for an adult?

      I have what i believe is overjet, the horizontal protrusion of upper teeth over lower teeth. Head on the uppers dont block the lowers, which i gather is overbite? My teeth are straight, in the sense they're not "buck teeth" and there are no other aesthetic issues with alignment. The overjet is about 1cm-i can fit my index finger in to about halfway down the nail. I'm 32, had braces when i was younger, wore a retainer until i was told i didnt need to anymore. The overjet isnt causing any functional dental issues that i can see or feel, however my front upper tooth (incisor?) has pretty bad acid erosion, almost like a crater and i am planning on veneers.

      the issue is that i've never had my wisdom teeth out, they're now for all intents fully grown in, and i believe they're pushing my teeth out. (bottom row is fine, no issues at all) They've stayed relatively aligned in that they're not uneven as i slide my tongue along them, but the top row is starting to protrude out from my top lip more than it had, again not "buck teeth" just as if the whole jawline was picked up and slightly moved forward.

      from what i've read usual treatment is to elastic the top teeth back in-but if they're not "bucked" is this viable? If i were to take out the wisdom teeth can something be done to correct? ( i realize it wont be 100%-ortho told me when i was 13 it'd have to be the jaw break path) Whatever the options may be, what are the costs and (quickest) timeframe for correction, to the extent it can be corrected? If money is no object, and i dont want to do the broken jaw thing, are their "space age" options?


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      Default Re: overjet correction options for an adult?

      This is tough to comment on without seeing your models, but if its just the overjet that is bothering you the orthodontist could possibly try camouflage treatment. They would extract your first premolars and use braces to "pull" the anterior teeth back.

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      I have an underbite and it's being corrected aesthetically with dental implants, instead of breaking and repositioning my jaw. That doesn't help you because you still have your teeth. What I was told when I was younger and had all my teeth was that if your teeth can touch, the over or underbite can be corrected with braces. If you can't get your teeth to touch, then surgery is required. Now this was years ago so maybe things have changed... best to talk to your dentist to find out your options based on your individual case. Good luck.

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