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    Thread: Wisdom tooth extraction with novacaine & laughing gas?

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      Question Wisdom tooth extraction with novacaine & laughing gas?

      Anyone have experience with getting wisdom teeth out with only novacaine and laughing gas?

      I am set to have 2 out this friday and my dentist said that just novacaine would be fine and if I am feeling anxious nitrous would be a good way to go.

      I have been reading around the forum and it seems most people get iv sedation. Anyone just go with local? Also, does laughing gas make you sick? on top of dental phobia i have a fear of vomit Soo if I can avoid that I would like to!

      I have been dreading this appointment for months, any feedback would be appreciated!

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      Default Re: Wisdom tooth extraction with novacaine & laughing gas?

      Hi Isabella ,
      there's huge differences in the difficulty of wisdom tooth extractions. Some are very easy and straightforward, while others are much more difficult (for example, if the tooth is embedded deep in the jaw bone). Your dentist seems to think that yours will be an easy removal. You could always call and ask if that's the case, and how long she's expecting it to take. Do you otherwise have a good relationship with your dentist?

      You can find some information on laughing gas here:

      Laughing gas doesn't make you sick, except maybe if the dentist added too much nitrous oxide relative to oxygen into the mix. This shouldn't really happen nowadays, but if you're worried, just let your dentist know and s/he can make sure it won't happen.

      All the best

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      Default Re: Wisdom tooth extraction with novacaine & laughing gas?

      Thanks for the reply!

      Went to the Dentist tonight (had 3 fillings done. ugh) He also gave me a script for Valium. He said if the Valium helps and I still want the gas that I will be feeling pretty ok during the procedure But he said I may not even need it if the valium works for me.

      So fingers crossed I get through it with no big panic attacks, breakdowns or tears!

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