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    Thread: Immediate partial and dry socket

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      Hello again,

      Sadly, it looks as though I'll need to get two more extractions (failed root canals). At this point I will need a partial denture. I've been told that I can get an immediate partial, but I recall from previous extractions that there is a worry of the clot becoming dislodged. Would this immediate partial not be a risk to the clot? Would the clot not lift out when I take them out? YIKES...

      I'm not really that scared of the extractions in itself. My dentist is sending me to a place that gives you anaesthetic, as I don't get numb on my lower teeth. So, at least I won't feel them yanking the teeth out.

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      There's slightly less chance of a dry socket if you have a denture covering the extraction site, a bit like a plaster over a cut.

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