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    Thread: Severe Toothache? Please help I can't sleep.

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      Default Severe Toothache? Please help I can't sleep.

      I don't know where else to go. My upper left molar is throbbing and it just wont stop.

      It started when my old dentist filled a cavity a while ago. Pretty much immediately after the tooth was very sensitive to cold. Eventually, hot would both it as well.

      A few days ago, What I would call minor toothaches appeared on that tooth. Sometimes the pain would spread to other teeth on the left side (even bottom teeth). I purchased some Orajel and then the fun began. It worked great for about 30 minutes. Afterwords the one tooth started hurting worse and the tooth became now sensitive to pressure ("wiggling" the tooth hurts, but before the Orajel I could do whatever I wanted to it, so long as it was cold/very hot).

      The next day (now) the pain is worse. It's all focused on the one tooth and I cannot sleep. I've taken a ton of Ibuprofen but it doesn't seem to help. I have no dental insurance and I don't know what to do.

      A possible contributing factor is my wisdom teeth. They have been growing in for quite some time now (sideways on the top, normal on bottom).

      What the heck do I do? I feel so helpless.

      One specific question I would like to ask is, is it alright if I wiggle the tooth a bit? It hurts but it's a good hurt that kills the other pain.
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      Default Re: Severe Toothache? Please help I can't sleep.

      Sorry to hear you are in so much pain. You really do need to see a dentist asap...only they can help you out of this situation.
      Just because you have no insurance doesn't mean you can't pay 'out of pocket' to get out of pain. Borrow from a relative or friend if necessary.

      Have you not taken any painkillers yet to help you sleep? Sleeping upright may help.
      It's the 21st Century.......dentistry can and should be painless

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