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    Thread: Is my molar extraction site infected?

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      Default Molar extraction o.O

      I have never been to the dentist. & a week ago I had to go because of a bad cavitiy I had. they told me i had to get it extracted. so a week later, Thursday at around three in the afternoon, I had to get my tooth pulled. & every time I think about it I want to throw up.): I hated every second. I got so scared when they numbed the site. I felt like I was dying. (not the point of the story) So, where i'm getting at is, when I first took the gauze out maybe twenty minutes after it happened I didnt know i was supposed to wait almost an hour to take it out. but i did change it often because it kept feeling full): that night & the next day all i ate was icecream & ramen soup. & i made sure I was on pain pills. Yesterday I felt good enough to eat more. So I carefully ate a sandwhich & other soft things. & when I had an icee i used the icee spoon & not the straw. & i found myself gently sucking on the straw, but not for a quick second until i realized what I did. I'm so scared of getting a dry socket. Is it normal not to be able to bite down all the way & feel a gummy feeling on my back tooth beside my extraction site? & is it normal for my jaw to shake when I do bite down? It's almost day four of the extraction & i read that after that i don't need to worry about a dry socket. is that true? how long until I need to stop worrying about a dry socket? & does this scab fall out on its own? if so when? how long will I have bad breath? & how is the scab supposed to look? it looks black & grey & white & I think a bit of yellow. idk. & i heard i'm supposed to get a syringe & use it to rinse out the holes. does that mean i'll get food in there & it'll get to my jaw bone? & right now i feel some pressure on the gum near the extraction site , is that normal almost four days through? & i have a layer of white on my back teeth near the extraction & around it. what is that supposed to be? Sorry for all these questions. I'm just so scared..

      thank you for any help(:

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      Important Is my molar extraction site infected?

      I got my bottom left molar extracted (#18) this past Thursday. The pain stopped yesterday at some time. This morning I woke up because I couldn't swallow regularly like I have since the extraction. The inside of my mouth just below my tongue but by the extraction site is swollen outwards with a orangish yellow tint. & my left ear aches from time to time. I have done everything the dentist asked of me since the day after the extraction ( rinsing with salt water & a soft food diet) So i don't know why i would have an infection.

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      Sounds like you are healing just fine. Like the say. if you had a dry socket you would know it for sure. That white stuff on the extraction site is granulation tissue I believe.

      Just keep a eye on the swollen part or call the dentist to put your mind at ease. A little swollen and tenderness is typical.

      If you have a chance check this out about healing

      I wish you luck,


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