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    Thread: Mouth guard with missing front teeth

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      Default Mouth guard with missing front teeth

      Hi guys, im after a bit of advice about choosing a mouth guard for karate.

      I unfortunatly lost both my front teeth and currently use a boil and bite guard from a sports shop. However as im progressing up the ranks at karate im finding that im getting hit harder and more often so i think its time to invest in a better mouth guard. One of my friends suggested i get a professional one done from an imprint of my mouth, but they are really solid and i worry that if i have a solid bit of mouth guard where my front teeth should be and i take a punch/kick from the side that it could damage my other teeth.

      Would this be the case?
      I emailed the company and they said to ask my dentist but he didnt really offer me any advice.

      Or does anyone know of any other options that might be better?

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      Default Re: Mouth guard with missing front teeth

      The sports mouth guards tend to cover the teeth and a portion of the gums so things are generally cushioned during an injury. The material is still somewhat flexible so that helps absorb the forces. I would say that it's better to have a well fitting one than a boil and bite one or nothing at all.
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