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      Default pain with temporary bridge

      I had a temporary bridge placed yesterday, and immediately after the numbness wore off, I noticed that it was very painful to bit on the front tooth of the bridge. The back tooth is completely pain free.

      It only hurts when pressure is applied, such as biting food or chewing. It is not sensitive to hot/cold, and otherwise it feels fine.

      It does not feel like the bite is high. I went back today, and had the bite adjusted anyway. The dentist filed it down, and after checking it with the thing (sorry the name escapes me; where they have you bite down and grind all around), it was able to do it, pain free. So relieved.

      However, now that I am home, I have noticed there is still pain, when chewing. I think it didn't hurt at the dentists office because my teeth weren't touching when they did the test. If there is actually something of substance between the upper and lower (such as food) the pressure still causes pain.

      Could this be due simply to the fit not being right on the inside? It feels like maybe it is somewhat loose on the front and moves around thus causing the pain, but I can't really tell. I think I will wait until tomorrow and call back if it still hurts, as it might just need some time to calm down. But I am ver concerned about cementing the permanent on before this is resolved.

      I really doubt it needs a root canal because the tooth was relatively healthy with just a small filling, and would not have needed a crown if not for the bridge. I'm terrified they may have caused some damage while prepping the tooth.


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      Default Re: pain with temporary bridge

      Hi hatethedentist,
      I would be inclined to agree to not having the final bridge fitted until this is resolved (I also agree that root canal treatment does not seem like the right solution)
      Things your dentist could consider are:
      1. remaking to temporary bridge completely
      2. Splitting the temporary bridge into 2 separate temporary crowns (if this is cosmetically acceptable to you).
      By doing this your dentist (and you) can see if the pain resolves.
      It could simply be (as you mentioned) that the temporary bridge does not sit correctly on the tooth; but it would be nice to know this for definite!
      Hope that helps

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      Default Re: pain with temporary bridge

      Just wanted to update, as I hope this thread can help someone else having the same problem.

      I was still having pain after the bite adjustment, so I called the dentist and she wrote me a script for an anti inflammatory and a narcotic pain reliever. She advised to give it time to "settle down". This was on Thursday of last week. Over the weekend, the pain started to become more constant. It is still sensitive to pressure, but now there is a constant dull ache as soon as the pain meds wear off.

      So today (Tuesday) I go back in. She suggested taking the temp off and cementing it back on with medicated cement. OH MY GOD. Worst experience of my life, and to be honest (despite my screen name), I really am a rather good dental patient, I sit well, I don't mind going in or getting a cavity filled. Even my extraction was no big deal. Despite being shot up with Novacaine twice, I could feel everything. My whole mouth is numb except the only part I wish I could not feel. She put some antisensitivity stuff on the tooth and it was EXCRUCIATING. Then put the bridge back on with the new cement. I honestly almost cried. Then she had me bite down on a piece of cotton for a bit while the cement dried. She said it should only hurt for a second, but it hurt for at least three full minutes which felt like an eternity. Then she wrote me up a new script for the pain meds.

      She said it's possible that if this does not calm down that I may need a root canal, but she seems fairly confident that I don't. She said the tooth looked good, it was cemented on pretty good the first time, and she stated she was conservative with the prep (not getting too much into the "pulp" or near the nerve). Honestly, the tooth was by all accounts very healthy before this, which was one reason I thought a bridge would be no big deal (I E, since the teeth were healthy, they would be able to support the bridge better than an already compromised tooth) UGH. She wants to pretty much stop messing with it for now and see what happens. In one week it has been pretty much assaulted enough. She said to call back in about 2-3 days if things aren't improving. I really like this dentist, she came highly recommended by a friend, her office is great, they remember everyone's name who comes in (and I live in a pretty big city), and she even gave me her cell phone number to call her on the weekend. I just am starting to really regret this bridge and am wondering what is reasonable time for things to "calm down". The other tooth in the bridge is just fine. Oh and she is going to use temp cement when the permanent bridge is in. I am so worried because my insurance is maxed out with this and I cannot afford any more work right now!!!!

      Anyway, I will definitely keep updating as this saga continues.

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