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    Thread: Pain after bridge??? Please advise.

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      Default Pain after bridge??? Please advise.

      My dental problems never seem to end. Yesterday I had my temporary bridge put in, which was a long horrible appointment where they prepared the 2 teeth next to the extracted one for crowns, then took a mold which didn't work so they had to do another one, then cemented in my temporary bridge. The "permanent" one will be ready in two weeks. During the visit yesterday, when she would drill one of the teeth down to prepare for the crown, it hurt like crazy at certain the drill was hitting the nerve. No amount of novacaine helped. She kept numbing, drilling, numbing...I kept putting my hand up like "Um YEAH you can stop now" and finally I guess she was finished. I wondered WHY I had so much pain - I am pretty sure she had to take out an old filling in that tooth, so I am wondering if that's why...Anyway, my gums are a little sore and tender from it all, especially since I just had the extraction done 3 days ago. But then tonight, I had a lousy piece of chocolate (okay, maybe 3 pieces) and BAM I felt like I was back in the dentist chair. It was that same pain, the kind of throbbing pain of a nerve being touched, the kind that tells me I need a root canal. So, I am wondering, do you think I am in this much pain because maybe I need a root canal in that tooth? Or is it normal to have this much pain after a bridge is put in? I am not talking about discomfort, I am talking about PAIN. Like I have a massive cavity. Like I am afraid to eat or drink or breathe in any air. Even the cold air hurts it. I really appreciate your input!!!!! I am so tired of this never ending pain and treatment! Thanks everyone. Please advise!@!!! Julie

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      Default Re: Pain after bridge??? Please advise.

      Hi Julie,

      It's a little difficult to tell without examining the tooth, but it could be just an area of the margin that might be sensitive to the various stimuli. If the temporary crown and cement aren't sealing the entire marginal areas completely, you could be experiencing sensitivity because of that.

      Does the temporary bridge feel okay in the bite? It doesn't feel high, does it? Sometimes a high bite can lead to temporary sensitivity as well. How long does the pain last for say after you drink something cold or sweet? If it doesn't linger and goes away fairly quickly, the nerve might still be okay. You might try taking some anti-inflammatory painkillers like Ibuprofen if you don't have any contraindications with it to see whether that might help with the discomfort.

      You might call the dental office and ask them if there is anything that they can do to help out with the pain.
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