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      Hi, Three weeks ago I went to my dentist of many years to have a filling replaced. No big deal but after several tries he could not deaden the tooth. Put me on antibiotics for a weeek and tried again including a shor used for oral surgery but no effect on tooth (upper rear on left side) This dentist has treated me for years with great success so it must be something about my tooth not him.He said it appeared to be nerve damage He is now sending me to a oral surgeon for some kind of a block ? What is the difference between the shots in his office and a block ? thanks

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      If you imagine the nerves supplying the teeth as the branches of a tree. What your dentist normally does is to numb the tips of the branches. A 'block' then, just goes a bit further back and numbs the stem that the branches sprout from. More of your mouth should be numb as a result, and rather more profoundly, so that the treatment can be done painlessly for you.

      Hope that helps.

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