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      Can people tell me what kind of pain medication was given to them after oral surgery?

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      After 8 extractions a few weeks ago,I took Ibuprofen for a couple of days together with using ice packs for pain and swelling. By the third day I didn't need any pain all and all the swelling etc had gone.

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      Ibuprofen or Ketoprofen are the top choices, so long as you don't suffer from asthma or allergies to either of them.
      The important thing to do is to take the painkillers BEFORE there's any pain. It's much easier to prevent pain starting than to deal with it afterwards. I usually suggest taking a dose of Ibuprofen immediately after treatment, while the local anaesthetic is still working.
      It's also good to try to take the pills at as close to six hours apart as possible to keep the amount in the bloodstream fairly constant.

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      I was on Hydrocodone for 5 days. I asked for it because I have low pain tolerance. I slept most of the way through the healing phase... I was on 500 mg


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      After my last visit my dentist prescribed Lortab 10/500 (2 root canals).
      Each time I have work done, he prescribes something for pain, but to be honest the dental work never hurts after it's done. I told him this before, but I have numerous other teeth that hurt so bad I almost cry sometimes......

      First time couple years ago - Tylenol w/ codiene. This year the first drugs were Motrin 800 and Lortab 7.5/500. For some reason last time he did the 10/500 Lortab. Awefully strong if you ask me, but it works, and anytime I have told him in the past when he asks about pain that something not as strong, he doesn't prescribe anything lol.

      BTW, when I took the Tylenol w/ codiene, it didn't work, and the Motrin 800 only worked for maybe 30 minutes to an hour. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, as well as medication, so maybe that's why the "weaker" stuff didn't work in my case.
      The strong stuff instead of getting me drowsy or tired, just make me more talkative and more energetic I guess.

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