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So I went to the consult today. I did not get charged for it , and also did not get charged for the cone ct scan. ( GREATTT MORE RADIATION )= [

The OS said that the tooth is complex and the apico would not be simple. He said there is risks with it because its very close to the nerve. He said that it would have a 50/50 chance of working on that tooth. He said he was surprised that when it toothed the tooth and pushed it was so sensitive. Was talking about chance of nerve damage if I get it done. Not a big chance, but still a chance.

To be honest, I really got the vibe from him that it wasnt going to work. He even said that if I had it done, he would have to be in a really good mood to do it because it would be difficult. He was joking about that obv. He was implying that it was very hard. The tooth has shifted and the bottom roots are almost sideways into the other molar next to it. He said the the root canal looked great and no canals were missed, but there was still problems. He said if I did the apico, he would cut a lil higher of the root trip then normal , clean it out, etc etc. This CT scan really gives you some crazy views of the inside of the tooth.

So I dont know what to do now. I voiced concerned about everything. He said if I wanna take a chance and do the apico, I could. He will only charge me 400 , instead of the 900 he usually charges because im friends with the dentist. He told me if I opt for the tooth to be pulled that my face structure wont change and he will pull it for free. Then I will have to have an implant put in at a later date. He said that it would be successful.

The weird thing is, he said that I would get the implant in AFTER I get braces put on and finished. My dentist said that I cant get the bottoms on UNTIL i get it crowned or have an implant because its an anchor for the braces. I do think I will get an ortodonist consult to see what another says.

All in All I have some thinking to do. I will speak with my reg dentist tomorrow after he gets the email from the OS about what went down.
So what did you end up deciding? Did you go through with the apico or did you extract? Did you get braces on? I'm struggling with the same decision. Mines is also a 'complex' case with a second molar on the lower jaw. Really don't know what to do. Would greatly appreciate a response.