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      Hello. I was having a little trouble swallowing earlier today and after sticking my fingers around in my mouth decided that things didn't quite feel right, so I went to look in the mirror. Then I was mortified. The underside of my tongue, on one side (my left) appears to be twice as swollen as the right side. If I stick my tongue out the swollen bubble even goes over my teeth. It's like a miniature bullfrog effect. I have only just noticed this, and it is making me panic big time. What I don't want is for it to swell up even more and block my airway. The bubble has the same texture and fluidity as always, it just appears much larger on the one side. As far as I can feel there's nothing hard there. From what I've read from searching for swollen tongue on the Internet so far I am likely to be dead soon. This is intensely worrying.

      I have a cracked tooth on this side, and one on the other side that has been essentially ruined for a year. It is down to the gumline, the pulp. I take painkillers every day for it, but I can never seem to afford to get to the dentist with bills popping up every day and the excess charges for sedation sessions and whatnot. I thought that I would have had an abscess by now but I can't find any. I don't think that this is an abscess of any sort, as it doesn't appear to be pus filled or abscess like.

      By now I can't tell if I am so paranoid that I am restricting my airways myself or if it actually is swelling larger. I can't go to the doctors because it's Sunday. I am not very keen on seeing anyone about it but I don't particularly want to choke to death. Do you have any idea what it is? I can't be sure but it looks like the back left tonsil is swollen too, or that area. I don't know much about it and can't hold a light and check at the same time very well, but it appears to be larger than the right side.

      Please tell me that I don't have cancer or something horrific. I just read that 50% of oral cancer victims die within 5 years. argh. and now Ludwigs something or other is scaring me. Is this possible to be just some sort of infection that could easily go away? Do these things happen, or is it more urgent than that? Help?!

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      Hi Donnie, I'm not a health professional or anything, but I very much doubt it could be cancer if it popped up this suddenly! I don't know what it could be, but if you're worried about suffocating or something, please go to the nearest emergency room (local hospital) asap. It might be nothing, but it's better not to take any risks!!

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      Hard to tell without seeing it, but it might be a blocked sublingual salivary gland.
      Like "Let's" said, get yourself to an ER and have it looked at promptly.

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