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    Thread: Part Of A Tooth Root Left After Extraction

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      Default Part Of A Tooth Root Left After Extraction

      I had a tooth extraction yesterday, he said that part of the root had broken and been left, he showed me the tooth it was literally 2mm of the very end, he asked me if I wanted him to drill it out or leave it

      I said if it was your tooth, what would you have done? he said he would leave it, I said ok leave it.

      I thought it would just stay in my jaw forever, but I just read that it works its way out on its own? what should I expect.


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      Default Re: Part Of A Tooth Root Left After Extraction

      Was it a top or bottom tooth, sorry I have forgotten. It would probably feel a bit sore, but it may not, I know people have bits of bone that work their way through the gums sometimes after extraction, but it can happen any time from weeks to years. If when it does work it's way out if it gives you trouble your dentist can always get it for you.

      I hope you carry on healing well.

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      Default Re: Part Of A Tooth Root Left After Extraction


      The most likely scenarios are that it will remain buried in your jaw for ever or it will gradually work it's way to the surface. This might take years to occur. Quite often when it reaches the surface a little sore spot appears and then it can be easily removed. This is much less traumatic that drilling down to retrieve it from it's present location.

      The chances of it causing a problem and having to removed now are extremely remote.

      I am sure you will be just fine.

      Lincoln Hirst, BDS

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