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    Thread: Is my tooth extraction healing? I think i might have messed it up!

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      Default Is my tooth extraction healing? I think i might have messed it up!

      I've never had this done before so i have no clue what to expect. It's about 7 pm and i had the extraction done at 11am earlier today. It was quick and there were no problems. I got home and it bled a lot so i kept messing with the gauze and went through all of the gauze very quickly. And then i used a tea bag like the pamphlet said to hopefully stop the bleeding. I fell asleep with the tea bag on it. My mom said i should have only kept the gauze on 2 hours but i kept replacing the guaze and using the teabag for about 6 hours. I was really hungry so i hate some rice and mashed potatoes and drank some lemonade. And i keep patting the hole with paper towel to make sure i didn't get food in it and rinsed it with water.The hole is seemingly clean and is just slightly oozing blood. The hole has like a bloody thin type material in it that's very squishy. It has a slow throbbing ache, but it's not bad. The dentist never mentioned dry socket to me and now that i've been reading up on it i'm pretty worried. Have i messed with it too much? I currently have nothing on it and just have an icepack on my face. How can i reverse any damage i've done?? Have i done any damage??!! i would also like to know how it's supposed to look now, if possible. Any answers or tips would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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      Default Re: Is my tooth extraction healing? I think i might have messed it up!

      It does not sound like there is real damage. The most important thing is to allow the healing process to stay stable. It must be very worrying for you so the tongue goes automaticly to "check out" the location in the mouth but try to avoid it.
      slightly oozing bleeding is OK. light sensitivity is also OK.
      A dry socket is a rare complication which can be treated. If you have extreme pain which can not be improved with powerful painkillers than it is a dry socket. From your discription it is certainly not the situation. Be careful with the wounded tissue for the next 48 hours, and than you are completely out of danger.
      Dr. Daniel Finkelman
      DMD (2005); BSc Psychology (2007)

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