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      I had my bottom back tooth out (not wisdom) 5 days ago. I had a good blood clot and some sort of whitish layer (which I thought was food, but found out it was normal). Today while swishing with salty water the white stuff came off and now I cans see the blood clot. Its just a horrible hole in my gum. Its not hurting but the whole feels like its throbbing...hard to explain. Anyway, I'm freaking out in case its a dry this possible after 5 days? Also Im flying in 6 days, will this be a problem? Not really sure what to do, I feel like I cant eat or drink anything in case it gets stuck in the hole! The surgeon didnt give me anything to wash it out with or advise on how to keep it clean.
      Any help with this would be great. Thanks in advance!

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      Hi! Do salt water rinses & you could stick with soft foods a little longer to make yourself feel better but you should be fine. Dry sockets usually happen 72 hours after the extraction but my oral surgeon told me to be careful for 5 to 7 days just to be sure.
      Just be careful but try not to worry. Dry sockets happen but I have done research & it is actually pretty rae. Just be careful with it & if you do solid foods just take little bites
      Im not a dentist I just recently had extractions

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      after 5 days, you are not likely to get dry socket.

      my three extractions went very much like yours - blood clot, then white gunk, then no white gunk, then it seemed part of the clot came out (i was worried like you), and a bit of uncomfortableness (but not enough to warrant pain killers). my theory is that the clot has done it's job and some has come out because it doesn't need to be there any more and the healing process is continuing like normal, by the sounds of it. don't worry the mouth heals so fast. my extractions were on August 24th and i already have new (albeit rather 'fresh' and tender) gum nearly flush with the hole in one of the sites.

      do gentle salt water rinses - one teaspoon of salt for a small cup of warm water, mix well until all the salt is dissolved and then gently swish it in your mouth, concentrating on the area of extraction. don't spit it out forcefully, kinda let the salt water dribble from your mouth or spit gently.

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