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      Default two front teeth loose

      Hey all,

      I just joined yay!

      anway, for some reason my two front upper teeth have became slightly loose...the wobble slightly.
      they are called Central Incistors right?

      they dont wobble all that much and i though that the gums might tighten back up or something over time but its been about 2 weeks now and theyre still a bit loose.

      and ive also had this slight wierd sensation in my gums above the loose teeth like for example when you cut your skin and when it heals it itches sometimes?
      well like that

      i dont know why they have become loose...i probably bit on something too hard lol.

      what can i do to make them strong again please?

      tks in advance

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      Default Re: two front teeth loose

      Im no dentist, and no doubt Gordon will reply to you. However, I did have loose teeth, but this was a gradual process over the years from not going to the dentist. The loose teeth started by just moving and then getting loose. Reason - receding gums and loss of bone due to gum disease. So, if at all worried, make an appointment and see the dentist. Even if you are scared, as we all are, hence being on a dental phobic site, believe me, its best to go sooner than later because there's nothing like doing everything possible to keep your natural teeth. I left it too late. 40 years. I now have dentures,but that was my decision rather than painful gum treatment, treatment to build up bone etc etc and etc to save possibly a few teeth which I would probably have to lose later on anyway. I love my new teeth but believe me, there's nothing like your own.

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      Default Re: two front teeth loose

      I'm not Gordon, but I think SS is probably right on the money. Gum disease tends to progress often without symptoms until the support system for the teeth weakens so much that the teeth start to loosen up. This might be what is occuring in your case. That itchy sensation might be a slight gum infection that is present - it's hard to say.

      In any case, as the previous posters have mentioned it's best to go visit the dentist to get an idea of what's going on and what can be done about it.
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