well, i did it...and actually survived!

i was here a while back, asking questions about IV sedation for my "all on four" fixed bridge. i was so terrified, but the procedure itself was actually pretty easy. took twice as much time as i was scheduled for, but it's been worth the pain and anxiety. my bridge looks absolutely awesome

i am wondering if anyone has had experience in how long the recovery time for the procedure is. i know that everyone is different, of course! my dentist had originally told me that i would be able to return to work the next day. i had the procedure done on last wednesday (7-10) and i am still in quite a bit of pain, now four days later. i was told i would be in a bit of pain, as i had a lot of work done. quite a bit of jaw bone trimmed, implants, 8 extractions. it really has been painful, but i can deal with that. my plan had been to return to work tomorrow, but i can't make a decision. while i'm not hurting as bad as i was, i'm still in a fair amount of pain. i was told by one of the techs that i shouldn't feel bad if i were to miss tomorrow as well. i suppose i should call my dentist and have this discussion, but i always hate bothering someone on their day off. i know i shouldn't feel that way, but it's just the way i am

the problem is, i don't feel like i'm getting much better. still only eating squishy stuff...yougurt, pudding, mashed potatoes, etc. i am concerned about going back to work. i am totally ok with feeling bad while working. i'm worried because my place of employment is not climate controlled. i live in southeastern USA, and the weather is predicted to be in the 90's. my job doesn't allow lighter duties, or (i wish!) hanging out where there's ac. i'm supposed to be up to par and able to perform my job as usual.

sooo....curious what is a general recovery time for the procedure. i don't want to sit around moping like a baby if it's all in my head. but if i return to work, i will have to do it without pain meds, as i work with heavy machinery. i'm not sure if it's my issue of being phobic that is putting my head in a bad place, or if it really IS too soon to return. i've posted as well on the "dentistry questions answered" board, but was hoping i might find someone here who has had this procedure done.

i would sure appreciate the input! i need to get back to work, but don't want to get there and have to leave. that's happened in the past, when i thought i had recovered from a steroid shot for my back and the heat made me sick. and i'm definitely missing my income, so if i am able to work, that's where i should be!

thanks so much