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      Hey there! My dentist has "started" my root canal, and boy does my entire bottom jaw feel SOOO much better. Even my throat and shoulder feel better...For those of you who remember my complaint.

      So far, my doc has taken the nerve out, and placed a temp filling on it. The rest of the canal is to come in two weeks. My question is...
      Should I still be getting these "zingers" in that tooth? The pain is gone, but every time I accidently touch another tooth to that one, or my tongue hits it just right, wow! I get quite a zinger. Pretty normal?

      Thanks so much.

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      Yeah, pretty normal. The tissues at the bottom of the root of the tooth will be quite inflamed, so any further aggravation will have them "protesting" quite violently at you
      It should settle down in a couple of days.
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