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    Thread: Best way to clean temp bridge/new extraction?

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      Default Best way to clean temp bridge/new extraction?

      I got my extraction and temp bridge and temp crowns all done at the same time. The aftercare sheet for the extraction said I shouldn't be rinsing unless instructed, but I'm trying to figure out the best way to keep the gums beneath the bridge clean since there is a slight gap in the back between the false tooth and my gumline. Will floss be enough? What kind of floss do I need? Do I need to use a mouthrinse? Or is this care instruction I should call my dentist about?

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      Default Re: Best way to clean temp bridge/new extraction?

      Hi I have a bridge that I have had for years and I have the same gap at the back, I use interdental brushes to clean mine out and I also have a waterpik that I use occasionally too. I was told that super floss is also a thing to use, which I haven't tried yet as I find I manage with the things I have already.

      I would ring your dentist and ask the best way to deal with the temp bridge, as I cannot remember what I did. I did treat it like normal teeth but we weren't told as much as we are these days when I had mine done over 20 years ago.

      Let us know how you get on please

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