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    Thread: Had 2nd molar extracted -- what should I do next??

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      Default Had 2nd molar extracted -- what should I do next??

      A week ago I had my second molar (on the bottom left side) extracted.

      The dentist who pulled the tooth suggested that I should not just leave the gap in my mouth, but I'm unsure of what I should do next.

      I can't get a bridge, because it was the last molar on that side (thus there's no tooth behind it to attach the bridge to).

      An implant is possible, but my insurance doesn't cover implants and the procedure is very expensive. Unfortunately, I just don't have the money to pay for it right now.

      The dentist said that if I leave the gap, I run the risk of my teeth shifting (which could cause further problems), as well as the tooth above the gap overerupting (again, further problems).

      I sought the opinion of a second dentist, and he basically said the same thing -- however, he added that a second molar is the least risky tooth to lose, and that many people leave the gap alone when getting a second molar extracted and have no future problems. Still, he said it's a risk.

      Just wondering if anyone has advice as to what I should do next. Has anyone ever had a 2nd molar extracted without getting an implant? If so, did you have any future problems?

      Thanks so much to anyone who can help!

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      Default Re: Had 2nd molar extracted -- what should I do ne

      I agree with the 2nd dentist. Actually it sounds like I agree with both dentists, this is weird, 3 dentists actually agreeing!

      However, the reality is that the only reasonable treatment is an implant, if you can't afford it right now, then end of story, either you'll have some problems at some stage and you'll need to get it seen to, or you won't.

      Pretty pointless worrying about it, just bung some money away in the bank for when/if you do run into problems.
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