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      Default my cavities

      im megan and im 15
      im on this as i am really self concious about my fillings
      i have 9 of them and got all of them around the new year in 2016!
      when i was younger my teeth were always fine but in august last year i waas informed i needed fillings.
      i have braces btw
      so i was then told i needed 4, then , 5 then 9, then 14!!!!
      i cried in my dentist chair and he dint give two hoots!
      you see i was really bad at brushing my teeth when i was 13/14 as i was bullied and thought whats the point.
      i didnt drink much fizzy drinks as they make me feel sick and i cant drink natural fruit juices!
      i did take the occational sweet tho!
      anyway i got 2 fillings done and moved to another dentist and he did the reamining fillings at janurary 2016!
      so yea now i brush realllly well and i am afraid i have to get morefillings done thanks to the little voice in my head!!
      i want to find someone who can help me with my worries as i didnt think i needed the 9 fillings done!!

      if anyone can reply pleaseee cause i need you help!!!!

      thank you----- megan

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      Default Re: my cavities

      So Megan we all make some decisions that we later regret. As we get older we typically make better decisions based on knowing more stuff and having more life experiences. I too had plenty of cavities when I was young. I had many injections and yes they did hurt but I went on to dental school and I fully understand why I had those problems and what I had to do to not keep suffering with more dental disease. I also understand what it is like to be sitting in the "chair" awaiting the treatment.
      So now many many years later I have had very few problems in the last thirty years. Why? I am the same person, I have the same so called "soft" teeth but I have changed my diet and use of Fluoride topically so my tooth decay problem is gone.
      The difference that matters between you and I Megan is you are finding out at 15 and I really didn't understand until I was 23. All you have to do is go to a good site like the colgate site here which has no bad pictures but gives easy to understand and correct information:

      You are doing the right thing to take control of your body to keep it healthy. This is great on your part! Really great
      Dr. Raymond Kimsey, DMD

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